GTA 6: Jason Schreier confirms there is a woman among the protagonists
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GTA 6: Jason Schreier confirms there is a woman among the protagonists

Rockstar Games has publicly confirmed that the development of Grand Theft Auto 6 is beyond reason. While revealing some of the revelations about the game’s content, Jason Schreier’s article looks generally at how Rockstar Games has been able to update certain aspects of its internal culture and the repercussions that certain social phenomena may have on upcoming GTA production. No pressure, we are just talking about a successor to the one that has sold over 165 million since 2013 and continues to amaze millions of gamers in its online world, GTA Online.

Around GTA 6Therefore, the great announcement of that day is the presence of a woman among the heroes of the story. The first awesome we were desperate to see happen when campaign GTA 5 It’s still about three men and has a hard time putting together memorable female characters. as it happens, GTA 6 It will feature a duo inspired by criminals Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow, the Latin American heroine. An opportunity to emphasize that the studio’s authors are now careful not to abuse jokes about marginalized groups. Details that are part of a broader cultural change that we will return to shortly.

According to the article, the first is working around it GTA 6 It could have started as early as 2014, but the story doesn’t say when we can really pinpoint the game’s production start. What is certain is that development is not proceeding as quickly as hoped and sources indicate that it is difficult to envisage a release of the game for at least another two years. Earlier this year, a group of designers opted out of Rockstar North, lamenting the slow progress.

Originally, GTA 6 It was codenamed Project Americas and aspired to be much larger than its predecessors. There has been talk of including regions modeled on vast swathes of North and South America, according to people familiar with the matter. In the end, Rockstar Games established themselves in fictional Miami as their main venue GTA 6which isn’t necessarily a crazy original (Vice City, you know) but still should appeal to a wide audience, especially since this stadium will be modernized over time.

Rockstar now intends to constantly update the game, regularly adding new missions and towns, which management hopes will reduce the crisis over the final months of the game. The virtual game is still large, with more internal locations than previous Grand Theft Auto games, affecting the production schedule.Jason Schreyer reports.

Characters from GTA Online
Characters from GTA Online

Rockstar Games, inner culture development since 2018

Despite the production delay, many Rockstar Games employees feel that morale is better than it has ever been. “Between the company’s new direction and the departure of Dan Houser in 2019, who handled the creative direction of many previous games, everything indicates that Grand Theft Auto VI will be very different from its predecessor.Jason Schreyer Books. An example of the effect that community facts can have on the state of mind of Rockstar Games, we learned that the studio has canceled a mode GTA Online eye Cops ‘n’ Crooks due to the murder of George Floyd by a police officer in mid-2020. This isn’t the only example of the evolution of the creative process in Rockstar Games, which also wiped out some phobic banter in the last port. GTA 5while the internal differences in wages between men and women are now less pronounced.

While there is no doubt that the GTA franchise owes much of its massive success to its legendary disrespect as well as its ability to strike everyone’s mind, this drunkenness was also a reflection of Rockstar’s inner culture. games made ofDrunkenness, fights and trips to strip clubs‘, say the staff. Rockstar Games has also been flagged as a hateful representative of crush Intense that characterizes most major video game studios.

However, since the scandal of 2018 and “100 hours a weekFrom Creative Director Dan Houser, Rockstar Games is looking to reinvent itself as a more progressive and compassionate company. According to one testimonial, boy club That would turn out to be a real business. “Can a softer, kinder Rockstar produce games of the same quality that the studio is known for? Some employees are unsure. According to several employees, morale for the company has never been better. But Grand Theft Auto VI’s development has been slower than expected for impatient fans and even longtime employees.Jason Schreyer reports.

If the pandemic plays a role, the delay appears to be primarily caused by a desire to turn things around internally in order to improve working conditions. The article cites in particular the restructuring of the design department, the promotion of freelancers to full-time employees, the departure of some managers accused of abusive behavior and even efforts to better control overtime for 4 years now. Internally, some do not hide their doubts and still wonder what GTA will look like mired in an environment that is afraid to offend the slightest sensibility. More philosophers, others believed that it was no longer possible in any case to paint a satirical picture of America because it had already become a parody of itself.

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