Taylor Swift explains after many criticisms of using her private jet

Taylor Swift explains after many criticisms of using her private jet

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People – 1st place is not Billboard’s place. American singer Taylor Swift has found herself number one in the rankings of celebrities who emit carbon dioxide due to their private jet flights.

A report by Yard Marketing Agency from a Twitter account that tracks the private jet flights of several personalities. Taylor Swift’s personal jet has been marked for making at least 170 flights since January.

Since the publication of this arrangement, on Friday, July 29, Taylor Swift has been subjected to numerous criticism and ridicule on the networks.

Taylor Swift on her way to the grocery store

Taylor Swift turns around because she forgot to turn off the TV

Taylor Swift after being forced to travel by car instead of her private jet.

Unfair response to the singer via a press release sent to the show’s website today by his spokesperson. “Taylor’s private jet is regularly lent to other peopleThe spokesperson for the artist explained. Attributing most of these trips to him is completely misleading. »

Yared admitted not being able to tell whether or not the people involved were on their private plane during all of the flights.

She criticized Kylie Jenner and Karim Benzema

With the arrangement, which includes boxer Floyd Mayweather, rapper Jay-Z and director Steven Spielberg, the agency indicates that it wants “Denouncing the harmful effect of the use of private aircraft”. “Private aircraft have a disproportionate impact on the environment, Yard continues. It’s an especially popular mode of transportation among celebrities, who opt for incredibly short trips rather than a more eco-friendly alternative. »

Kylie Jenner sparked controversy after a photo appeared on her Instagram account. “Shall we take mine or yours?” »She wrote, referring to her plane and that of her companion, Travis Scott, pictured. The young woman has been described as a “climate criminal”, at a time when several countries are facing heat waves, floods and other bad weather intensified by climate change, which is causing greenhouse gas emissions in particular.

Evidence that the public expects a model from the richest on the environmental impact of their activities, footballer Karim Benzema was also selected in early July for his non-eco-friendly vacation in Miami. A montage posted on his Instagram account showed him on a jet-ski, Ferrari, Lamborghini, or even getting ready to board his private jet.

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