Florent Bagni, is this his last summer? "I'm going to die with a smile on my face", the truth about his health

Florent Bagni, is this his last summer? “I’m going to die with a smile on my face”, the truth about his health

When The father of El and the Incas They shared the bad news on social media, and fans grieved. According to the concerned manager, Cancer is inoperable. However, faced with this disease, he agreed to undergo chemotherapy. A heavy ordeal that Florent Bagni was far from thinking about.

His relatives, are very present for him

On January 25, shortly after the start of his 60th birthday tour, the singer announced cancel the tour. the reason ? A few days ago, he learned that he had inoperable lung cancer. In this painful ordealHe is supported by his better half, his wife Azusina. Not to mention, he started a chemotherapy and radiology protocol that wouldn’t stop him from fulfilling his obligations.

In order not to be overwhelmed by calls and messages from his relatives, Florent Bagni decided that turn off your mobile phone. However, this did not prevent his friends to support him.

This was the case for Vianney, who salute him During a live broadcast he did on his Instagram account.

“I didn’t react to my friend Florent Bagni’s ad. I didn’t because I’ve been living with that ad for a few days already. There was a lot of emotion inside of me and when I react to the heat, it wasn’t very nice,” he explained.

Since the beginning of its live broadcast, the person who sang “Beau papa” has performed one of Florent Bagni’s most famous songs, “Un jour une femme”. PieceRich in feelings. You should know that the young man has a special relationship with Florent Bagni. As proof of this, the translator “My Freedom of Thinking” helped him a lot in his career.

“For those who don’t know, I owe a lot to Florent. My first concerts with him were in Part 1. So Florent, I don’t know if you’re watching this live, but I’m starting this live with one of your songs because you’re important to me,” Vianney specified as well.

The size of the tumor has changed

According to information from the General Journal, on April 19, 2022, Azocina’s companion had already completed “30 out of fifty chemotherapy sessions”. if it was So tired and lost her hairThe singer seems to give it all Her battle with cancer. And it seems to be paying off since the tumor’s size has changed.

The first results are very crucial. However, according to the media, the lung tumor “would have been cut in half”, but it is still generating “very tired”. However, the singer’s future could become more clear, though He had already planned his death.

Florent Bagni: Confidence in his death

His death, Florent Bagni never wanted to think about it. However, in one of his songs entitled “After Us” released in 2019 on the album Vieillir, the singer He speaks frankly about death and disease. But what was he worried about at the time?

During his interview with France Bleu, he admitted:

“I don’t really think about it. It’s the only certainty we can have, so let’s try to make it the best we can.”

That’s not all, he added as a prayer for his future:

“My only imagination is to live old, without getting sick, and to die with a smile…to make me light up at the stake!” For where I live, they will not bury me: I will go in smoke and it will look like me! »

A fantasy undermined by cancer, but it seems Florent Bagni wants to keep it for a long time. Anyway, we wish him all the health in the world in the face of what he’s going through.

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