Xbox Game Pass: New games coming September 2022, some big hits to worry about
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Xbox Game Pass: New games coming September 2022, some big hits to worry about

game news Xbox Game Pass: New games coming September 2022, some big hits to worry about

If you’re an Xbox Game Pass subscriber, you’re better off staying: Microsoft doesn’t intend to ease its efforts to make the catalog more attractive on the market. The new games for September have just been revealed and you will have a lot to do.

You know the music: If you subscribe to Xbox Game Pass (which gives access to games on Xbox One and Xbox Series)to PC Game Pass (which gives access to PC games) or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate (which provides access to games on all previous platforms, including cloud games), Then you should be happy reading the following lines.

Microsoft has just highlighted the titles that will integrate into the catalog for September 2022. There’s a little bit of everything, and above all, we’re not immune to other surprises just yet, not to mention the second half of the month that usually welcomes a new batch of video games. In short, the routine we love.


  • Network Legends – September 1
  • Disney Dreamlight Valley – September 6
  • Train Sim World 3 – 6 September
  • Hardspace Shipbreaker – September 20
  • Slime Rancher 2 – September 22
  • Beacon Pines – September 22
  • Founded – 27 September
  • Moonscars – September 27

Network Legends – September 1

released last February, GRID Legends is a powerful racing game with more than 130 tracks around the world, many speed races, and driving with a flair for simulation. We will also notice a real single-player campaign with well-known actors, which is always very rare for a car game of its kind. Great access to Xbox Game Pass.

Disney Dreamlight Valley – September 6

Disney Dreamlight Valley in 2023 is set to be available on Xbox Game Pass September 6 in Early Access. It is a free game that mixes simulation and exploration, developed by Gameloft and blends the worlds of Disney and Pixar. After all, why don’t you like animated movies.

Train Sim World 3 – 6 September

Train Sim World 3 is a railway simulator. In other wordsYou play as a train driver who will try to try many different models through many trips around the world. A game that has followers and aims to seduce newcomers with a new educational mode.

Hardspace Shipbreaker – September 20

You are a space scraper and unfortunately for you, you owe 999,999,999 points that you will have to pay back. So, based on this principle, Hardspace is based on: Shipbreaker, A puzzle and management game that asks you to extract materials from spaceships with attention to their value or danger. It’s downright original and its arrival on Game Pass might be worth it for the curiosity.

Slime Rancher 2 – September 22

With adventure, life simulation and other farmer side, we must admit that Slime Rancher 2 has a funny charm. This first-person game asks you to raise Slimes, fallen creatures that are not always easy to tame. It’s colourful, somewhat cute and weird… and it really isn’t too bad.

Beacon Pines – September 22

This indie adventure game is “as cute as they are scary” and is set in a mysterious book. The player slips into the skin of both the book reader and the reader of Luca, his main character: A somewhat original concept along with a charming artistic direction that is worth a detour. The software will be available as soon as it is released in Game Pass, so it would be silly to miss a potentially good surprise.

Founded – 27 September

Developed by Obsidian Entertainment, a studio definitely under attack, Grounded is a survival game where the player is reduced to the size of an ant.. Therefore, in a world that has become gigantic, he will have to learn how to manage risks and build a shelter with other people online (or alone if he wants to play it alone). Another way to see your garden.

Moonscars – September 27

A dark, naughty, and particularly demanding 2D action game. “Every death is a lesson and every obstacle you overcome will make you discover a new truth,” the developers at Black Mermaid told us. A style distinctly reminiscent of Souls-like style, which will surely put a flea in some’s ear.

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