Live broadcast - World Cup: Holland achieves the break, and Qatar goes to zero

Live broadcast – World Cup: Holland achieves the break, and Qatar goes to zero

Holland responds, Depay exits

Double change for the Batavians, Claassen and Depay return to the bench to be replaced by Berghuis and Jansen. Saved by Depay, who is back from a thigh injury, he will have put in a correct but aimless performance.

Triple change of diameter

Muntari, who scored Qatar’s first World Cup goal against Senegal, enters alongside Boudiaf and Ali Al-Assad. Madibo, Ali and Al Hidos come out.

Diameter is not fair in the last thirty meters

Felix Sanchez’s players rush into a new attack from the right, but Pedro Miguel poorly adjusts his position which goes too far. There is still a lot of inaccuracy around the opponent’s area to hope for the best.


The Netherlands have won each of their four World Cup matches against Asian nations so far, scoring 11 goals and conceding only one. This is their first meeting with Qatar in all competitions.

Do not miss the opportunities for Qatar

Afif alone is at the forefront of this opening in the back of the Dutch defense. If the attacker can serve a partner behind him, the drop attacks have been somewhat lacking since the restart.

Yellow card for Ake

It’s worth when pushing an opponent in the middle of an aerial duel. Ake doesn’t even argue.


Qatar is penalized for an individual mistake!! On a cross from Klassen, Hassan involuntarily reaches his head towards the far post, where Depay tracks down. If Parcham misses his close range attempt, De Jong follows up well and gets past Pedro Miguel to finish the job!!

There is still space behind the Batavian wings

Nice start towards Mohamed, who has a field on the right. The right piston strikes a stressed center on the ground, which Akie manages to free by engaging the reverse gear.

Back to the creek! (1-0)

There is no change in the break, we are left with the same 22 players.

It’s a break on this short 1-0 advantage for the Bataveon!

Far from calm, the Netherlands have established their great dominance in possession thanks to the inevitability of Cody Gakbo (27), the great Dutch revelation. But Depay’s Memphis partners, who didn’t stay in sight in his first spell, struggled for fair play with the ball. Until they find themselves regularly facing steep climbs on the flanks of Qatar, who will also have to be efficient to avoid a scratch.

Depay does not capture the frame

Depay takes advantage of the ball 20 yards from Barsham’s goal to take his chance with a low shot from the right half. The ball passes several meters aside, and Barcelona had a complicated first period.

extra time

Three additional minutes announced by the fourth official.

I moved on to the other billiards game

Ismaila Sarr opened the scoring from the penalty spot, which upset the arrangement a bit. The Netherlands is still the first, but the Lions of Teranga pass in front of Ecuador!

Nice De Roon-Gakpo connection

Here’s finally the beautiful Batavian initiative, with De Roon seeing the game well and linking quick control with a nice slamming pass towards Gakpo in the penalty area. The striker unleashed a powerful jab, just off target, but was a little sneaky on his partner’s serve.

Qatar hurts from the wings

The Qataris were high for a few minutes and showed good reaction ability from the Dutch goal. Van Dijk regularly participates in the defense of Oranjes, and the buildings present several posts.

The game paused for a few moments

Pedro Miguel took a good stamp at the back of De Ron, before falling hard to the ground. He struggles to get up afterwards.

Very happy orange

Gakpo is the tree that hides the forest on the Batavian side. The Netherlands produced a somewhat grueling half-hour despite dominating possession, showing very little sharpness so far.


This being Gakpo’s third goal in this World Cup, the striker removes a new thorn in his partners side and joins the Valencia-Mbappe duo at the top of the scoring charts.

BUUUUUT from GAKPO, 1-0 to the Netherlands!!!

Once again inevitable Gakpo to shake the house of Oranje! After one-two with Claassen, the striker sneaks the ball at the left foot towards the pivot, and at the entrance to the roof launches a low shot to the ground that pierces the rivet!!!

Van Dijk wakes up Oranje house!

Qatar’s corner on the left, hit by Afif. The Netherlands defense rushes back but the ball goes back to Afif, who crosses again. Van Dyck interjects into the air, groaning after his comrades, Holland is far from calm.

Afif plays the counter badly

What a pity for Qatar, who had a good counter position to exploit, with several players who accompanied the ball. But Afif’s back pass is not in a partner race, the Batavians can intercept it.

The Netherlands must raise their voices

Like the first two matches, the Dutch are not the most effective on the ball, against a double curtain from Qatar that holds the shock. Klassen misses a non-accidental header from a corner kick.

Depay Scissors!

Involuntarily served by Claassen, who parried de Jong’s blow, Depay did not hesitate for a second and launched acrobatic scissors into the area. We passed the ball but we had to try!

Blind does it twice

There’s a fire in the locals’ area, and Klassen serves the blind nicely on the left. The center of the piston is returned twice by the opponent’s defense, and the rivet finally catches the ball, which it pulls.

We go honest

The match is regularly interrupted on the home turf, where there are many rough contacts. Each intervention is performed with great effect.

The Portuguese applied a lot of pressure

The start to the game for the Batavians is rather encouraging, with plenty of pace and desire. Qatar’s defense is already on a wire against the orange waves.

Check the Dutch just a few meters from the goal! (0-0)

The Dutch responded quickly with a good push from Depay, which fired towards the opposite deck. Muhammad intervenes with his feet, but the ball is pulled in front of Claassen, and then the blind people who see their shots being blocked!

In the diameter of the first hit

Holland takes the lead and tries to set the pace in these first minutes. But it was Qatar and Al-Haydos who got the first position by stealing a rather weak serve from De Roon, as the captain unleashed a long shot that Nobert captured.

Let’s go to the creek! (0-0)

It was the Netherlands, in orange, who kicked off this crucial Group A match at the 2022 World Cup!

Hymns will ring!

The players are on the grass of Al Bayt Stadium, which has a capacity of 68,895 spectators. They are accompanied by Gambian referee Bakary Papa Jasama.

One point over the qualifier/eliminated so far in the World Cup

Only five selections made sure of their fate after the first two matches in the group. It remains to be seen where these teams will end up in their respective groups.

Qualified for the round of 16: France, Brazil and Portugal.

Eliminated: Qatar and Canada.

A point in Group A where a lot can still happen

Concretely, the Netherlands will qualify if they do not lose to Qatar. The Orange can also lose by less than two goals if the other meeting ends in a draw.

Ecuador will qualify if they do not lose to Senegal. As for the Teranga Lions, they must beat Ecuador or draw and hope the Netherlands lose by at least three goals.

Qatar hopes to end on a less sour note

The host country has yet to win. Having already been knocked out of the last 16 race, Qatar has nothing to hope for other than to take one point and only in the competition it organizes. Defeats against Senegal (1-3) and Ecuador (0-2) quickly wore out the locals.

And while a host country did not lose in the opening match in the history of the World Cup, ending the group stage with zero points on the clock would be a new humiliation for Al-Anabi.

Oranjes must finish the job

Not great in the game, the Netherlands are unbeaten in 17 matches and qualification for the knockout stages is at hand. After beating Senegal (2-0) and conceding a point against Ecuador (1-1), Louis van Gaal’s selection should finish the job against one of Tom Thomps in the competition.

But the Portuguese should not take this match seriously, otherwise Ecuador or even Senegal will lose them in the standings. They only need one point to continue the adventure, it’s playable.

The compositions have fallen!

And Louis van Gaal decided not to take this match lightly. No trials, no holder Xavi Simons, almost the typical team that goes along with, in particular his first as a holder, Memphis Depay. Same choice for the Qatar coach, who will seek to finish well in the final home game of the World Cup.

Holland : Neubert – Timber, Van Dijk, Ake – Dumfries, De Roon, De Jong, Blind – Claassen – Gakbo, Depay

Qatar: Barshim – Pedro Miguel, Khokhi, Abdul Hassan – Mohamed, Al Haidos, Hatem, Madibo, Ahmed – Ali, Afif.

Good morning all !

And welcome to our website to follow the direct commentary on the meeting between the Netherlands (1, 4 points) and Qatar (4, 0 points), the calculation of the last day of the group stage of the 2022 World Cup.

The Netherlands only need one point and could roll against the host country, which was very frustrating in the first two matches. Meanwhile, Ecuador and Senegal will face off just a few kilometers away for another ticket to the round of 16.

Kick-off scheduled for 4 p.m. on Bein Sports. For direct follow-up, comment on the website and the RMC Sport application.

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