Video test - LeapMotor T03: a competitor to the Fiat 500e at an unbeatable price

Video test – LeapMotor T03: a competitor to the Fiat 500e at an unbeatable price

Leapmotor may not be a brand you are familiar with, but it can become a brand very fast with products with an especially massive price/performance ratio. Test the first prototype, T03!

Coming directly from China, the Leapmotor T03 is a five-door 100% electric small city car that measures 3.62 meters in length, 1.65 meters in width and 1.58 meters in height, making it the perfect competitor to the Fiat 500e. Under the hood of this small tow is a permanent magnet synchronous motor that generates 109 hp and 158 Nm and is powered by a lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery with a total capacity of 41.3 kWh, or approximately 38 kWh.

If the style of this Chinese is not as exciting as the Italian one, the equipment is up to date since we find all-LED optics, 15-inch alloy wheels, a panoramic roof and no less than 11 ultrasonic proximity sensors, all standard!


The trunk hatch reveals a narrow at the base level, but deep, which makes it possible to get 210 liters of loading volume, slightly better than the Fiat with 185 liters. Otherwise there is no double bottom, no franky And the rear seat folds in one piece only. At the rear, occupants have an amazing amount of knee room to match the car’s size, with a comfortable seating position. There is no armrest on the other hand, and no belt in the middle as it seats four. Up front, there’s a well-designed, comfortable mid-size upholstery, but it should have something to do with fixed headrests and a non-height-adjustable passenger seat. The dashboard has a classic design and is covered exclusively with solid materials also found in storm doors except for the slightly cushioned armrests.

In terms of equipment, the mirrors are electrically controlled, the 8-inch gauges are fully digital and the vehicle functions (steering settings, drive mode, load limiter, panoramic sunroof or even air conditioning) and a multimedia system (Bluetooth connectivity also due to Apple CarPlay and Android Auto). In the final models marketed at the end of the year) centered on the 10.1-inch center screen.

In terms of storage, the T03 is generous, with a large glove box, welcome door panels, and a central storage compartment where you can of course put the remote control, which also allows for hands-free starting, a counterpart between the two seats behind the electric handbrake and cup holder.

Trial from the city to the highway

Getting out of the parking lot to go on a test drive allows you to discover the high-resolution, panoramic rear camera, all the more functional and see that the Chinese indicate a very short distance. However, once launched in the city, we quickly notice an effective compression suspension, but are soon overwhelmed by the speed bumps and somewhat intrusive mechanical noise that compromise the impression of the overall quality. In Economy mode, even if it is necessary to crush the right pedal, the acceleration is convincing, the Sport mode makes welcome gains in response. As always or almost always on Chinese cars, regenerative braking lacks a catch. Even in dry areas, there are also small traction losses, when coming off a roundabout for example, with a tendency to discern yaw due to tires. The Fiat 500e is more dynamic. But driving aids care about love even in the face of the provocations of an ardent test. Despite the four discs, the T03 doesn’t deliver exceptional bite in hard braking either. A fairly controlled mass of an electric, with 1200 kg on the scale, makes it possible to perform discreet mass transfers, but this is not enough in terms of pure performance: 12 seconds to perform from 0 to 100 km / h, which is 2.5 seconds longer than Its entry-level Italian competitor.

However, when leaving the city, the small Leapmotor gives the impression of enthusiastically accelerating down a slope to the highway and then up to 135 km / h. So it is impossible to exceed the speed on the highways. From 110 however, the air noise is very present. Orientation provides for it a different face according to the selected mode, which provides the possibility of recall in Sport, but not at all in Comfort mode. Cruise control is very basic, it works at the speed reached, but it cannot be adjusted after that, for example, through the buttons on the steering wheel. It will also be necessary to do without automatic emergency braking, which, like the Renault ZOE, the T03 should cost dearly in the Euro NCAP tests. The survival of the small city car, the recovery at a speed of 90 km / h, obviously, does not reveal the temperament of a fighter jet, but the task is still carried out without endangering it.

Consumption, freight and tariffs

In terms of consumption, the onboard computer reports 15-16 kWh/100 km in urban and mixed use, but rises to 25 on highways. If we can get close to 300 kilometers of the indicated autonomy in the city, then it will be necessary to count on half of this amount on the highway. Asking about DC charging, we found a maximum power of 44 kW from 74% on the Ionity station, however the Chinese should be able to get close to 60 by starting to charge, allowing to go from 30 to 80% in 36 minutes according to the manufacturer . It’s a long time, but you need to remember again that we are dealing with a city car. At AC we can expect up to 6.6 kW, or at least 3 hours 30 seconds to go from 30 to 80% and at least double for a full charge.

Let’s finish the prices. The French importer intends to sell it for less than 20,000 euros including the environmental bonus, a price to be confirmed at 25,990 euros without marketing aid before the end of the year. A certain amount for a city car, but at least €6000 less than the Fiat 500e 24 kWh.

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