Lidl: The largest store in France will open its doors on August 31, 2022!

Lidl: The largest store in France will open its doors on August 31, 2022!

On August 31, 2022, Lidl A 2,350 square meter supermarket will open, the largest institution in France. Located in Nanterre, in the heart of the city, it has a great infrastructure. This is better to meet the needs of customers. This environmentally conscious organization sets an excellent example by environmental technologies who performs it. Many curious consumers are already waiting for the opening of the new Lidl. They are right, judge for yourself.

Expansion work

Lidl was closed in the Nanterre district at 461 boulevard des Provinces Françaises on 16 July. Open since November 2019 near the RER station, It wasn’t permanently closed. It was necessary to enlarge it.

A few years ago, the establishment in question was set up on the site of a former casino supermarket. This Lidl Store for 2019 It occupied a total of 1,600 square meters.

The end of August, its sales area It will be almost twice its size In July, or 2350 square meters. In addition, it will have a car park for 240 places.

Before it was redeveloped, this institution It was already one of the biggest companies in Paris. But after several months, this Lidl of Nanterre will become the largest in France.

Expansion is possible Since the gym gave up on his project To build a gym nearby. However, the commercial surface of the German mark is no larger than the roof of the old casino which is about 3250 square metres.

Lidl: A long-awaited opening

According to Michel Piero, the organization’s executive director of purchasing and marketing:

“Every month, according to Kontar, we acquire between 500,000 and 700,000 new customers. »

It is not a legend, The German brand has, after all, 1,580 points of sale in France. Statistics on this topic show that 78% of the population will currently be within a radius of 10 km from the Lidl store.

Lidl team that matters About forty employees At the end of 2019, it will double at the end of August. This establishment will now employ about 100 people. Among them, 20 come from new recruits.

Store will calculate 12 automatic checkout and 14 classic checkout. It will be open Monday through Saturday from 8:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. However, it will only be open from 8:30 AM to 12:30 PM every Sunday.

This Lidl will offer a variety of products. This selection includes 90% of private labels and 72% of merchandise from France. This will take exactly the same price as other major German brand stores.

but before sOfficially reopening on Wednesday, August 31 At 8:30 am, consumers can go to the other store in Nanterre. It is located at 73 Sadi Karnot Street.

Lidl . Strategic Model

The brand’s press release states:

“Lidl France has redesigned its supermarket model and is investing for over 10 years to modernize its infrastructure and increase its environmental performance in order to reduce its environmental footprint.”

Enterprise Defends low-consumption equipment and sustainable materials. During the energy transmission, Lidl can claim that it uses 100% green electricity.

This new supermarket in Nanterre also has large glass windows and noble materials.

“More spacious and more welcoming, it offers modern services while adopting a sustainable energy policy and taking into account regional characteristics,” the press release adds.

Thus, the new store will be brighter, more friendly And warm to create an environment of well-being for employees and customers. More respectful of the planet, Lidl uses electricity obtained entirely from renewable energy.

Reverse logistic system

Lidl Successfully recycled 86% of waste of its activity in 2021. It owes these stats to the brand’s “reverse logistics” policy. This new store will also adopt this environmental strategy.

According to the press release on the matter:

“With a goal to reach at most 100% recyclable packaging and reduce the plastic used in the same packaging as private brand products by 20% by 2025, Lidl is part of an environmentally friendly approach”

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