Here are the 5 types of rest you need (and quick)

Here are the 5 types of rest you need (and quick)

A black woman writes in a notebook while lying on a comfortable bed at home.
COROIMAGE / Getty Images A black woman writes in a notebook while lying on a comfortable bed at home.

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Illustrative – Here are 5 types of rest you need (and fast)

Fatigue – restless sleep, you have been wondering for days or weeks how to get the long-awaited rest. It must be said that the summer weather does not necessarily help relieve this fatigue that you suffer on a daily basis. Even a single night’s sleep isn’t enough to make you feel better than the day before. How exactly can you maintain your physical and mental health in this state?

Don’t panic, solutions are there to restore the lost balance. You should know that our fatigue depends in particular on our inability to separate the different types of rest. Because yes, there is not only one, but many convenient ways to recharge the batteries. But in a fast-paced society, where a cult of immediacy and productivity reign supreme, the rest tends to fall back.

Here are 5 different types of convenience and how to effectively recharge your batteries.

mental rest

What kind of comfort? Mental fatigue is closely related to physical exhaustion, as it can be the result of intellectual overload: in other words, our minds are protected like a full bus, and many problems and tasks jostle in our heads, generating stress and fatigue. This is where mental comfort comes in.

What order? For mental rest, researcher and Dr. Saundra Dalton Smith, in an interview with Stylist, suggests allowing yourself some meditation sessions. can not hurt. Simple manual activities, such as washing the dishes or tidying up your small house, can also help clear your mind. Finally the golden solution remains: the ride. To have happy people, light steps and refreshed minds.

sensory comfort

What kind of comfort? Sensory comfort occurs in response to overload – again! – Finally very contemporary: the overflow (visual and audio) caused by the influx of images and sounds emanating especially from social networks, telephone and various entertainments in the video. Because we have the impression that we are constantly challenged by these screens, these lights and these sounds, our minds easily spin “nervous breakdown”. Sometimes it’s time to bear the cost “Rehabilitation”. Rest quickly!

What order? Disconnect of course. Unplug your devices, put yourself in them “turning off” For a while, lower your smartphone screen brightness, and replace unnecessary hours of TV with good chapters in a book.

creative comfort

What kind of comfort? Who has never dreamed of creative comfort? Creative fatigue occurs when your career involves being creative. Initiatives, innovations, innovations and many jobs require regular and sharp force of suggestion. Only sometimes, mind and body are free, quite logically.

What order? From then on rest, or as we say in terminology, becomes lawful, “to renew”. The idea is not to turn to your pillow but, according to Sondra Dalton Smith, to stimulate your brain in a different way, through activities outside of work. A book, a movie, an album to listen to, a board game… all are alternatives that you can enjoy without stopping your mind.

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