Supplemental pension: this is the increase you can expect!

Supplemental pension: this is the increase you can expect!

In addition to increasing basic pensions by 4%, We have boosted the pension paid. This is apparently to make up for the shortfall in the summer. That being the case, questions are raised about complementary questions and in particular Agirc-Arrco.

In fact, an increase is expected in November, but we don’t know what percentage to expect. Will you keep up with inflation? After difficult years ? Some answers are in this article.

4% increase in basic pension

Pensions since November 2021 have seen a lot of reassessments. It first increased by 1%, then by 1.1%, and finally increased by 4% in September 2022. However, in November 2021, Inflation reached 2.8%.

See the pattern! 1% increase to counter inflation 2.8%. For its part, the National Institute of Statistics and Statistics gave an expected inflation rate of 1.5%. A year ago, Agirc-Accro . assumed Revaluation less than inflation.

basic pension However, it was revalued by 1.1% on January 1, 2022. It was CNAV that decided this. This is done by sticking to a complex mathematical formula that is not very responsive to sudden increases.

This means that retirees may legitimately claim this summer that they are inflation losers. Then comes the law of purchasing power and Basic pension increase by 4%.

The latter has only been in effect since September 9 for CNAV Program Beneficiaries. On the other hand, former civil servants have to wait until September 29. However, this increase relates only to basic pensions.

2% increase for supplementation?

The importance of basic retirement weight It may differ from one retiree to another. For some small pensions: three-quarters of the monthly pension; For others: less than half. or minimum for the majority of former civil servants.

After Cnav repaid the September 9 payment, 13 million private pensioners We hope the same for Agirc-Arrco. At the beginning of October, a board meeting will be held to decide on the annual increase.

This will bring together the unions of employees and representatives of employers. The decision taken will take effect on the pension paid on Wednesday, November 2nd. Current rumors whisper that this re-evaluation may be close to 2.9% of the increase was applied to unemployment benefits.

If this is the case, Retirees will not be happy. Furthermore, Dominique Fabre thinks so “It would be incomprehensible if there was no major reassessment”. Dominique Faber is the retired CFDT General Secretary.

Pascal Coton told Merci pour l’info that she demanded a 4% increase. She is an Agirc-Arrco negotiator at the CFTC. Other sources talk about a possible lower revaluation of the 2022 annual inflation.

That said, it’s higher than the expected 4% increase applied to base plans this summer. It could be close to 5%. In terms of annual inflation, INSEE estimates thatwill be 5.3%.

Why is there no upgrade yet?

The system has a reason Do not increase all pensions at the same pace. According to Sapiendo Retraite founder and director, Valérie Batigne, this is a commitment to financial balance.

In fact, Agirc-Arrco must have solid financial accounts with large reserves to break even. This balance largely depends on Contributions from active employees.

Ms. Patini stressed that Ajirk Arko could not take the risk A loss that will exacerbate the disability. What Al-Kanf risks with increases of 4% and 1.1% in January that the state decided.

This financial balance obligation applies to almost all schemes. It is a game consisting of balancing employee contributions and Pensions paid to retirees.

However, there are some exceptions. The basic plan of knaf, Basic scheme for civil servants Not obligated to comply with the financial ratios. The same goes for special diets.

This is what Valerie Patini recalled as she feared the extreme difference in fortunes of retirees. I hinted that there might be Significant discrepancies in revaluations this year.

In fact, some plans can consolidate their long-term accounts. This, by increasing the pension at a slower pace of inflation while others will follow higher prices.

There will also be a gap between plans that have been imposed to ensure their financial robustness and those that do not have to make the same efforts. »

What are the estimates?

The plan’s financial reserve, average salary increase and inflation level … on these criteria that The increase in complementary Agirc-Arrco.

However, it appears that Agirc-Arrco estimates about Wage growth exceeded 4.5%. Which is good news. In fact, according to Régis Mezzasalma, an increase in an individual’s average salary in expectations will reverse the trend.

Which, apparently, will be a pleasant surprise. However, the possibility of a revaluation of the supplementary Agirc-Arrco price at the inflation level cannot be completely ruled out. Even CGT claims extra payment to the usual base of account.

potential possibility. It should be noted that Régis Mezzasalma is the CGT’s Confederate Pensions Advisor. Here is an explanation of what Can affect a former employee in the private sector.

1,500 euros of net pension in 2022, of which 1000 euros from CNAV And the 500 euros from Agerk Arko :

  • In September: 1080 euros from Cnav. It’s a group 4% monthly increase + Previous pension compensation. With the unchanged Agirc-Arrco pension, this would make the total 1580 EUR.
  • October: 1040 euros from Knaf on October 7, a new normal pension. 500 euros from Agirc-Arrco on October 3. In total, That would be 1,540 euros.
  • In November: again, €1040 From Cnav on November 9 + Agirc-Arrco, then revalued, for example, at 5%. meaning of Supplementary pension 525 euros. making the total 1565 EUR.

Retirees are getting poorer

Christian Borough, president of the French Federation of Pensioners, believes this Pensioners are getting poorer over the years. According to him, the reassessment of past years, on basic and supplementary pensions, does not compensate for inflation.

Those who retired in 2007 have since lost 6.1% of purchasing power over their pension. And that’s every month if we take into account what the UFR thinks. on Arco supplement, loss 6.7%.

These losses, according to UFR estimates, are due to very low pension increases and an increase in CSG in 2018. According to Sapiendo, Agirc-Arrco Pensions It fell 4.2% against inflation over the past ten years.

This estimate relates only to supplemental plans. On the other hand, additional public service pension only decreased 1.2% during the same period. 2% for complementary lawyers.

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