AliExpress Single Day 2022: Here are the best deals you can get today
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AliExpress Single Day 2022: Here are the best deals you can get today

AliExpress lasts one day. The sign is making Black Friday early. Hundreds of products are on sale through November 13, 2022 with over 80% discounts on select items. We have handpicked the best deals you can get before we run out of stock.

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This year unlike others, AliExpress launches its Singles’ Day promotions early. The event starts in November 1 It’s 8 a.m. and it’ll be over Until November 13, 2022 At 7:59 a.m. For about two weeks, huge discounts will be applied to hundreds of products.

Smartphones, headphones, headphones, watches, connected bracelets, laptops, etc. It’s already time to anticipate your Christmas shopping. We have been around AliExpress and introduce you here Best Real-time Singles’ Day Tips. This article will be constantly updated to allow you to take advantage of unmissable offers.

Best odd days deals on AliExpress

What is Singles Day?

Singles’ Day or 11.11 is a traditional Chinese holiday held every year on November 11. Honors Singles in China and is increasingly known in our region for its associated trade promotions. AliExpress takes advantage of this in particular to offer deep discounts on a myriad of products.

Jack Ma, founder of giant Alibaba, was the first to associate this traditional Chinese festival with a major business event. In China, Singles’ Day is more important than Black Friday. And if the event is more and more well known in France, this is especially due to the high popularity of AliExpress in France.

While all orders have been shipped from China, the site now has several warehouses in Europe, particularly in France. Hence, deliveries are much faster. So buying on AliExpress is now similar to buying on Amazon, Fnac/Darty and other French brands. Single Day is one of the biggest promotional events of the year.

One day: crazy promotions like those for Black Friday

It’s November, and if you’re already looking to shop at the end of the year, Single Days, like Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday, are an important time to save money. We are already seeing huge discounts in all types of products especially those in the high tech category: smartphones, headphones, headphones, laptops, watches, connected bracelets, etc.

Some products are offered with Discounts of more than 80%. Thus, these are opportunities to achieve dozens or even hundreds of savings depending on the volume of your purchases. No need to wait for Black Friday. Take the chances you already have so you don’t have any regrets, because you may not see them again until the end of the year.

Since AliExpress Single Day is now very popular in France, we often see the most popular products quickly run out of stock. If the event lasts for many days (November 1 to 13 inclusive), stocks will be limited. So do not delay to take advantage of the promotions that interest you.

Ali Express discount codes for one day

AliExpress is famous for its coupon codes that allow you to take advantage of very attractive discounts. The brand has put up many promo codes for its good plans for the 11.11 or one day festival. Each reduction is associated with a specific symbol. You’ll see them next to every offer we offer on this page.

There are also generic promo codes that work on all products if there is no specific code to claim. In particular, AliExpress offers: 10 euros off from 100 euros for purchases with the code D11FR10 where FR10discount 20 euros from 200 euros to buy with the code D11FR20 where FR2030 euros discount from 300 euros to buy with the code D11FR30 where FR 30.

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