The new PS5 2022 is even better! Here's why
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The new PS5 2022 is even better! Here’s why

news devices The new PS5 2022 is even better! Here’s why

Sony has completely revised its version with a new version of PS5. From optimization to weight to cooling, everything has changed. According to the first tests, the new PS5 is the best version out there!

The best PS5 is coming and Sony has changed everything

PS5 is not two years old yet Its third version of hardware. Sony is revising its version and changing a lot of things internally to make it a better home console.

This new version is currently only available in Australia. But there is no doubt that she will soon arrive in France.

YouTuber Austin Evans had a chance to get this new 1200, compared to the original 1000, then the second 1100. He couldn’t help but see what it had in the belly and the glaring differences in the design. Sony has really worked on improving its console, to make it the best PS5 possible.

Let’s start with Austin testing the PS5 digital version. Weight of each copy To determine if she has lost weight, like last year. Spoiler: Yes!

  • PS5 2020 Standard: 4.5 kg /digital version: 3.8 kg
  • PS5 2021 Normal: 4.2 kg /digital version: 3.5 kg
  • PS5 2022 Standard: 3.9 kg /digital version: 3.3 kg

We see that there is still a loss of 300 grams for the regular version PS5 and 200 grams for the digital version. So, Sony made a bigger fuss with its case.

Astro’s Playroom power consumption test:

  • PS5 2020 Digital Edition: 218 W
  • PS5 Digital Edition 2021: 229 watts
  • PS5 Digital Edition 2022: 201 watts

So in addition to significantly losing weight compared to the new first version PS5 2022 It consumes 8% less. And up to 12% compared to the second generation. The results show that Sony’s improvements are not just hardware, but software as well.

New interior design for PS5 2022

Once opened, the PS5 already shows many changes. By removing the two walls, we see that Sony has opened some vents to let in more air. On the other hand, the Nvme SSD compartment has been changed. The motherboard was cut into this part, leaving the metal raw. This probably has the effect of allowing better heat dissipation than an SSD.

Once the plastic cap is removed, we get to the front of the radiator. This is where Sony has done a lot of improvement. We can see firsthand that there is less metal to cool it. On the other hand, the rear radiator is more elongated, which allows an extension Better heat dissipation.

The new PS5 2022 is even better!  Here's why

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In practical terms, despite the cooler’s significant reduction, temperatures are similar to the original PS5. Thus they are lower than the temperatures of the second generation.

How did Sony manage to handle the same performance components to reduce cooling, maintain temperatures, and consume less? The instinctive answer is that the Japanese manufacturer has restricted their console To accommodate lower cooling. It is unlikely that this will be the case. Because the difference in the mass of coolants between the third and second generations is not very large, and yet the consumption and temperatures are much lower. Sony had to work hard on improving heat dissipation. An improvement that seems to be paying off.

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