The transfer of the MIN from Nice to La Gaude is at risk

The transfer of the MIN from Nice to La Gaude is at risk

The transfer of the Market of National Interests to the La Baronne district, in La Jaude, is just one of the stages of a huge multi-level project.

The whole face of the capital of the Riviera will be upset. From west to east. Because, since 2012, if the MIN has to move further upstream, on the right bank of the Var, it is above all to make room for a brand new convention and exhibition center at the gates of the Grand-Arénas.

In Paillon, work has already begun with the demolition of TNN. But at the mouth of the Var, the old MIN still exists. And ten years after announcing his move, his move to La Gaude looks riskier than ever.

According to our information, Métropole will not exclude the termination of the contract that binds it to the consortium appointed to build the new MIN d’Azur in La Baronne.

Reason invoked: a new lawsuit filed by opponents of the project. The pharaonic cost of this move could also tip the balance.

The “hot potato” that no one wants to snatch

Except that no one officially wants to put up with a “hot potato”. This is how the mayor of La Gaude calls this blocked file. Bruno Bettie does not have it “No comment” In the subject.

None more so than Xavier Gontran, president of the Société du nouveau MIN d’Azur (SNMA), who reaches out and gives back to Metropolis.

Society guarantees that the contract that binds it with SNMA “It’s not broken.” Or not yet? A few weeks ago, rumors spread on the MIN floor that new negotiations had begun between Metropolis and the operator appointed to build a new agri-food platform in La Gaude.

A new appeal was filed on October 11

The partnership contract for the construction of the new MIN has been signed since January 21, 2019! But the work has not yet begun. Two of the riders have already postponed the execution.

The fault is with administrative delays, as well as with appeals by project opponents. The Capre 06 Association has challenged the validity of the new MIN building permit.

She was separated from the first class. But the case is still pending before the Administrative Court of Appeal in Marseille. Even worse, Capre 06 and France Nature Environment filed a new suit on October 11 before the Administrative Court of Nice.

“Metropolis is not a cash cow.”

Resorting to a lot? Article 14.2 of the dense contract that binds the capital to the designated federation in January 2019 stipulates the terms of its suspension, or even its termination.

One of them states that the agreement can be broken just in case “Return or withdrawal against an administrative authorization” Necessary to transfer MIN to La Gaude. So this clause has been activated in recent days.

Metropolis asserts that, “According to the contract” which connects it to Bouygues, He held a meeting on October 26 (with his partner) to assess the legal consequences of this new appeal and present the appropriate decision to the current situation and the economic environment that has changed a lot since the signing.

It seems that Bouygues and its partner Exterimmo are becoming more greedy and will take advantage of project delays to demand a budget extension.

Nobody comments officially, but in the entourage of President Estrosi, it is rumored that society does not intend to leave the knife in the throat.

“We’re not a cash cow, and we’re not just going to sign a check.”, strikes one of his advisors. But in the absence of a compromise, Metropol will have no other choice but to terminate the contract. This would expose him to pay compensation.

Its amount is also specified in the clauses of the contract and depends on an accurate calculation. But a building expert estimated they could be up to More than ten million euros.

A project worth a quarter of a billion euros

This will be the cost of abandoning this project. The straw is actually in connection with the financial efforts represented by the transfer of MIN on the right bank of the Var.

The total amount of this project also weighs in the balance. It amounts in total to more than a quarter of a billion euros!

In addition to the $67 million needed to rebuild the MIN at La Baronne, the public-private partnership contract with SNMA stipulates that this operator will run it for thirty-five years for an annual fee of €5.2 million excluding taxes.

However, the current MIN budget is half as high and its operating income is only 1.4 million euros. Even by renegotiating the increase in occupancy allowances paid by wholesalers and producers, the reckoning is not there.

Métropole had already had to agree to pay compensation in the amount of 3.5 million euros to the Bouygues / Exterimmo federation in May 2021 to compensate it for the delay in this project.

She could eventually decide to say cut costs. Even if it means finding another solution to build its future exhibition center. Because, One thing is for sure: it will happen.We are secure in the ranks of society.

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