No, the monkeypox vaccine is not experimental.

No, the monkeypox vaccine is not experimental.

More than 2,000 cases of monkeypox have been detected worldwide, and the outbreak has been classified as an international emergency. There are treatments and a vaccine. But for some netizens, receiving these new injections would be like participating in a clinical trial. Even the World Health Organization will say that.

According to an article widely shared on social media, the head of the WHO’s Global Infectious Hazards Preparedness Unit, Tim Nguyen, reportedly said: “I would like to highlight one thing that is very important to the WHO. We have uncertainty about the effectiveness of These vaccines are because they have not been used in this setting and on this scale before.”

As a deja vu framework where discussions have been similar during the marketing of vaccines against Covid-19. “We guinea pigs are free for them,” he launches to a user. “The government is not telling us these bites are unreliable by asking us to bite!!”, another protests. Did the WHO really claim that vaccinating against monkeypox is like participating in a clinical trial? 20 minutes make a point.

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The article cited by netizens is based on a video of a press conference. “I would like to point out something very important for the World Health Organization, we have doubts about the effectiveness of these vaccines, because they have not been used in this context and on this scale before,” the man confirms during his speech. Then, the cut can be seen in the video, before he continues: “When these vaccines are in development, they are delivered within the framework of clinical trial studies and the prospective collection of this data to increase our understanding of the efficacy of these vaccines.”

It would be short to say that from this quote we can understand that vaccinating against monkeypox is like participating in a clinical trial. On behalf of the WHO, he talks about the development phase and a new set of data. As with vaccines against Covid-19, data is collected during vaccinations. It is important, even after they are marketed, to monitor the effects and developments of these products.

On this subject, the European Medicines Agency (EMA) is very clear: “There is a licensed monkeypox vaccine in the EU, Imvanex, which is not an experimental vaccine. In fact, Imvanex vaccine is licensed to protect adults against smallpox and monkeypox, and is marketed as Jynneos. in the United States.

“Since 25 July 2022, the Imvanex vaccine has received a European Marketing Authorization (MA) in reference to effective immunization against monkeypox in adults,” notes the government’s vaccine information website. “This new indication is added to Imvanex’s existing mandate against smallpox, which has been in place in the European Union since 2013,” the EMA explains to 20 minutes.

Additionally, as she explained last February: “Once a drug has received marketing authorization from a regulatory body, it can no longer be considered an experimental product.”

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