Lady Gaga lit up the Stade de France on Sunday night: 'She takes everyone with her'

Lady Gaga lit up the Stade de France on Sunday night: ‘She takes everyone with her’

“Can’t believe I’m here! Jérémy, 30, was fired from Oise. By force, we wondered if this concert was going to take place…” On Sunday, 76,000 were, like him, rushing to the Stade de France to discover Lady Gaga’s ‘chromatica ball’. A round of twenty dates tentatively scheduled for the summer of 2020 and postponed twice due to the health situation.

But this time it was the occasion. After a date in Dusseldorf in Germany and another in Stockholm in Sweden, the 36-year-old star was there in Paris. All in front of a very hot crowd, after several hours or even days of waiting in the sun. And at about 9:15 p.m., the electric music that had been surrounding the stadium stopped. Planted in a kind of cocoon, amidst a ragged, faux stone decor, Lady Gaga finally lands before “little monsters,” as she calls them, in French in the text.

Eight years since she set foot on the French stage, after two Accor Arenas canceled their “Joanne World Tour” in 2018 due to fibromyalgia-related pain. For his return, the artist connects the tubes. From the beginning, “Bad Romance”, “Just Dance” and “Poker Face” followed each other. Then change the outfit first.

And make way for titles from the album “Chromatica” released in May 2020, which had less success in the world than its predecessors. Regardless, fans know the words like the back of their hands and in the stands, the majority remain standing dancing. “It’s crazy, she sings without running, she dances perfectly and takes everyone with her,” Agathe, our neighbor, who is in her twenties, claps.

“I love you, Paris, I adore you”

When night falls and temperatures drop, the stadium temperature reaches its peak on the “Free Woman”. Dressed in gold, the American singer divides the crowd to reach center stage. A space where “Born This Way” resumes, a true hymn to forgiveness. Then, on the piano, he connects several titles. And if she has already proven that she was a showgirl, then it is necessary to wait for this moment for Lady Gaga to prove that she has not given everything yet.

“Shallow,” a hit song from the soundtrack to the movie “A Star is Born,” flips the can. Same for ‘always reminded us this way’, accompanied by a very rare word from the artist at the front. After this pandemic we’ve been through and we’re still living through, we’re here tonight. Let’s look at us! It was launched under the supervision of Stade de France. I want to remember this moment forever. »

Fans will remember the electric finish. The series “Stupid Love” and “Rain on Me”, a duet with Ariana Grande, ended up igniting the audience. Until the stage was actually set for all the sounds to appear on “Hold My Hand,” the artist’s latest title and soundtrack to “Top Gun: Maverick.” A big farewell… before the final return to the stage. Because as the light shines again and the Stade de France begins to empty, Gaga returns, hand in hand in the air, to salute Little Monsters. “I love you, Paris, I adore you,” she said during the show. And the opposite is also true.

In the arena, fans – for some who dress like the singer – are convinced. “I was a little scared at first, but it was an exceptional concert,” Bastien applauds. “She could have spoken more to the audience, believes Rafael, another fan. But she knew perfectly how to balance her great successes with lesser-known titles.”

However, on Sunday, despite the scene that was a bit small and more suited to Accor than the Stade de France and the first part without much contact with the audience, Lady Gaga proved that she could do it all. So at 36, the pop star still struggles with some feet.

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