Fuel Pass with QR Code for Gasoline. The Ministry of Energy allocates your share for the week every Sunday evening! - Insolentiae

Fuel Pass with QR Code for Gasoline. The Ministry of Energy allocates your share for the week every Sunday evening! – Insolentiae

Sri Lanka is the first country to introduce the fuel card.

Every Sunday evening, depending on what’s available nationally, the Department of Energy increases your fuel permit and will allow you the maximum amount of gasoline for the week.

The Ministry of Energy and Electricity has officially launched the “National Fuel Card” to facilitate the fuel distribution process

On Saturday, the Ministry of Energy and Energy announced the launch of the “National Fuel Card” to provide the public with a convenient and accessible way to obtain fuel and to facilitate the method of fuel distribution based on allowances.

Developed in collaboration with a technology partner, Information and Communication Technology Agency (ICTA), this solution has been implemented in all ports operated by Ceylon Petroleum Corporation and Sri Lanka IOC.

You must register on a government website http://fuelpass.gov.lk (cannot be accessed from abroad) and follow the registration process, after which a unique fuel permit will be displayed in the form of a QR code – which can be saved on a mobile device or printed out to be produced in fuel ports. Under the newly introduced system, each vehicle will be assigned a weekly fuel quota, once registered on the fuel permit, which will be renewed every Sunday evening (any unused quota will not be carried over).

It is nothing more and nothing less than non-physical class tickets and it is very likely that this kind of government approach will proliferate in the world.

Central banks can print money, governments can run deficits, but neither governments nor central banks can produce fuel or barrels of oil.

At best, they will only be able to try to regulate the deficiency.

The official press release is also very funny with the fresh rhetoric and soothing notes. It looks like the beginning of the Seventh Company, where the army has never withdrawn well against the enemy, according to the statements of the General Command.

Mehmet Ovais Muhammed, Chairman of Ceylon Petroleum Corporation, said: “In light of the current situation and to ensure uninterrupted supply of fuel to the general public, the National Fuel Card has been issued.

This system will ensure a continuous supply of fuel for all, with a specified maximum fuel per week. We appreciate the public’s cooperation during these trying times and strongly advise to strictly adhere to the system so that everyone has a fair chance to get fuel and reduce long wait times.

Manoj Gupta, Managing Director of Lanka IOC PLC, said: “ Innovative action has been taken by the Department of Energy and Energy to ensure safety, community management, customer satisfaction and transparency in the system to distribute fuel in our country.

Satisfaction, community management and transparency.

she is very beautiful. very well. I dream.

Not you ?

Sad future.

get ready !

Charles Sannat

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