This beloved French supermarket is pulling all the water bottles of this brand from its shelves!

This beloved French supermarket is pulling all the water bottles of this brand from its shelves!

Water is the healthiest drink in the world to moisturize. We want people to be able to choose it more easily, work with partners and mobilize the latest science to help everyone drink more and drink better.Thus, the Danone Group shines a light on its waters. Evian, Volvic, Badoit, or Font Vella All water has now been removed from the shelves of the Intermarché supermarket.

Indeed, the president of the Les Mousquetaires Intermarché group, Didier Duhaband, accused on Thursday 15 September of Danone Take advantage of inflation To improve its margins while increasing prices It is not reasonable“. It was a bar that told you everything.

After sunflower or mustard oil, it is the turn of many major brands of bottled water to become a rarity in some supermarkets of the Intermarché group. the reason ? The price requested by the Danone Group, which owns several brands of water.

The main brands of water disappear from the supermarkets Interarché

In fact, some brands have disappeared from Intermarché supermarket shelves. In a store in Clichy in Hauts-de-Seine, the famous brands Volvic, Evian or Badoit were replaced by others. “We would rather stop the expensive water, and put it down waters It is a competition. And the water that meets the purchasing power of our customers »explained Valerie Nguyen, store manager.

And so, on this Thursday, September 15th, President of Les Mousquetaires Intermarché Didier Duhoband was accused of taking advantage of inflation to increase its margins while increasing prices. illogical”.

When asked about him No Evian, Badoet or Volvic bottles on their shelvesAnd, like many Danone Group brands, the president explained this decision. ” There was a change of direction on top of Danone. Shareholders ask higher profitabilityThis translates to price increases.estimated by Didier Duhoband, on BFM Business.

In order to crystallize his interpretations, the latter indicated that the Les Mousquetaires group also produces Spring water bottles. ” We are also producers, we have water sources”Didier Duhoband explained that the Mousquetaires group is distinguished by having an agri-food branch, Agromousquetaires. ” We know the cost details.”Than ” It makes us say that orders of about 12% (for price increases, editor’s note) are not reasonable” For the market.


A letter does not pass in Danone. First, because negotiations don’t have to be public on a TV, in this case BFM Business. then because of The industrialist asserts that his increases are justified. Its production costs are rising. The costs of various plastic materials for bottles have seen an increase of between 20 and 25%. Not to mention the skyrocketing transportation cost, not to mention the energy costs to run the packing plant.

For the record, last March, the government decided to reopen negotiations between manufacturers and major retailers. During these negotiations, purchase prices are determined for a large part of the products sold in supermarkets. The main goal was to take inflation into account Agricultural raw materials, but also production, transportation or packaging costs, are included in the purchase prices of products by major retailers.

But since March, there has been a constant confrontation between the two sides. Thus, few files have been completed. Intermarché supermarket and Danone are part of it!

The president of the National Association of Food Industries (ANIA), Jean-Philippe Andre, Thursday, September 15, told AFP that at the moment ” 45% of our members have not completed all their negotiations with all of their clients.. So the latter asked the government. To encourage the players to complete these negotiations by the end of the month.” In fact, from October, a new phase of 2023 tariffs should begin. It is expected to be completed in March 2023.” A pile of negotiations would be really harmful to all “According to Jean-Philippe Andre.

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