Fifth. The Cabinet des Clouets Prize in Chantilly on Wednesday 16 November 2022.

Fifth. The Cabinet des Clouets Prize in Chantilly on Wednesday 16 November 2022.

The Cabinet des Clouets Prize in Chantilly on Wednesday 16 November 2022.

Direction Chantilly on Wednesday, November 16, 2022 for Tiercé-Quarté-Quinté +. In this event the Prix du Cabinet des Clouets will have to compete against each other as runners. The race will be contested at a distance of 1,600 metres, and will receive 50,000 euros.

In that event, Go To Hollywood (2) has been out of the competition for nearly a year and is coming into this fall with plenty of freshness. Their two comeback races were fairly conservative. However, these two relative failures allowed him to see his position on the weight scale improve. So he deserves some attention for his handicap return, especially since he’s already done well in PSF. Le Nomade (4) is a proven and regular contender in this effort. We shall gladly forgive him his last failure, for he was a re-entry that day, attached, what is more in the circumstances, to a comparatively inexperienced apprentice. We can expect to see him make significant progress on Wednesday.

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Ion Larry Alvarez: Nordest (1) loves Chantilly and more specifically its sandy, cobbled track. On this road, it is irreparable. It has just proven its form and is still competitive at this value. With Maxime Guyon at his back, I expect a great performance.

Antoine de Watrigant: Fly d’Aspe (3) A mighty horse. He does all the shopping and always gives his best shot. She has already behaved well on PSF and the Chantilly file is no problem for her. Now, at this value, he doesn’t have much margin on the weighing scale, which is why everything has to go as smoothly as possible during the course, hopefully seeing him in the top five.

Michael Delzangles: Transformed essay (5) has the means to talk about again at this level. At that value, I think it’s competitive. With the race progressing so well I wouldn’t be surprised at all to see him finish last, especially since his form looks stellar to me.

Rodolphe Colette: Roberto Mount (6) Seasonal horse that hates hot weather. She’s getting back on track well, as evidenced by her latest outing and enjoying the fibre. After his weight condition has improved, it is tempting to redirect him to disability. I’m shorting the shot, but he really did a good job on the slant.

Igor Indaltsev: Ciccio Boy (7) is going through a good period of form and deserves to win at this level. He stayed in very good shape, only a bad race track could stop him from reaching the finish. With a bit of luck, he has the means to assert himself.

Sebastian Jesus: Agape Mia (8 years old) is a new resident on her way back. We have no problem preparing it. It’s fine but not 100%. However, you should make a good return. It’s hard to be more specific, because I don’t know her very well. This release will allow me to better understand its capabilities.

Marcus Nighy: Come say hello (9) Behave well in Dieppe. On his way, confirmation is to be expected from him, especially since he has done really well on fibre. In the morning, he remained in very good spirits.

Jean Marie Beginy: Fog (10) is gradually returning to its shape, as evidenced by its recent performance. remained in the same condition. He has the ability on this path. If it returns to the same value as before, we hope to get a good result.

Nicholas Perrett: Chop Val (11) has remained in triumph, is very good and has already won the proposed course. It rises in class as the load increases. He has no choice of obligations. We try and we’ll see how he behaves.

Stefan Richter: Forbidden Secret (12) continues to be a hit on this track. On that day the victory was a pleasant surprise as we did not expect much from this horse, who was not always consistent, but honest in his performance. It’s preferable to fiber over grass and its good morning vibe is undeniable. We hope he takes advantage of the good run he’s had lately.

Mrs. Jane Subany: The G fairing (13) obviously made me happy when it came out for me, because it came out on top. With this new value, the choice of commits is limited. On its way, we try on that level. He’s an elegant horse who does all his shopping, on all surfaces. Given his still in good form, I hope to see him maintain his game well.

Hans Albert Blum: Braveheart (14) ran well on this course, but was too fast to keep up the pace at the end. It is characterized by being reduced by one kilogram on the scale of values. If all goes well this time, he can put on a good performance.

Miss Anastasia Wattle: Mona Lisa Claxon, 15, took a voluntary break after her latest win. Unfortunately, she had a slight fracture in the paddock when she was due to return. This extended his leave for six months. It has been hard to find since then, as it hasn’t done so well the past two times. She’s fine in the morning, but you need to see if she still wants to run. She needs to reassure us.

Nicholas Colliery: Autumn Twilight (16) has recovered very well from her last outing. Looks great in the morning. Now, we change the rope and the deck and extend the distance. He has already done well in the circumstances, so I hope he will do well. Before the shot, I advise you to carry it around.

Summary: 6-7-10-1-9-3-13-12 Press Summary: 10 – 6 – 1 – 7 – 9 – 4 – 12 – 13

Equidia: 4-7-6-10-9-5-11-14
Europe 1: 1-7-6-10-15-3-4-9
Parisian: 7-9-10-5-11-9-14-1
Alsace: 1-6-13-11-7-10-9-16
Paris grass: 6-7-19-5-10-13-11
RTL: 12-7-1-15-6-14-2-5

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