10 Cheap Dinner Ideas for Your Family

10 Cheap Dinner Ideas for Your Family


Food has become very expensive out, so you will often need to cheap dinner ideas for your family. Here we offer you some easy cheap dinner ideas that you can prepare in your home on a limited budget at any time of the week

These dinner recipes will help you save a lot of money and face the high prices. These super cheap dinner ideas depend on the cheap pantry staples found in every house, such as canned fish and ground meat.

Although these healthy dinner ideas are cheap, they taste so delicious that you will not feel the difference between them and expensive meals.

1-Garlic lemon shrimps 

Garlic lemon shrimps is a very delicious and ideal dish that you can prepare at home easily. This dish is one of the best cheap dinner ideas that you can eat with your family and friends. You can also make it a main dish on week times when you are busy. 


  • Lemon 
  • Parsley 
  • Olive oil 
  • Butter 
  • Crushed red pepper 
  • Kosher salt 
  • Garlic 
  • Raw peeled shrimps 
  • Black pepper 

2-Criespy chicken 

Nothing is more delicious than crispy fried chicken. when it comes to chicken, crispy chicken is one of the healthy and cheap dinner ideas you can prepare at home 

If you want to make fried chicken at home, now is the time to try it.

  • Chicken 
  • 1 spoon Garlic salt 
  • 1spoon paprika powder 
  • Water 
  • Black pepper 
  • 2 eggs 
  • Salt 
  • 2 cups of oil 
  • Flour 


Golabki is one of the most delicious cheap dinner ideas for kids, where cabbage leaves are stuffed with ground beef and rice then tomato soup is added. You can add whatever you want from spices and sauces to improve the taste.

You can leave it in the oven to get a wonderful dish with High nutritional value.


  • 1 head cabbage 
  • 2 spoons butter 
  • 1 large onion 
  • Ground beef 
  • 1.5 cooked rice 
  • 1 spoon salt 
  • 1 spoon black pepper 
  • 3 cans of tomato soup 
  • 0.5 cup ketchup 
  • 1 spoon chopped garlic 

4-Margrita chicken 

If the whole family is at home and there is not enough time to prepare a dining table for dinner, Margarita chicken is a recipe you can prepare easily without high cost, because it is one of the fastest cheap dinner ideas with chicken. 

 Enjoy a delicious dinner with your family and have a good time.


  • Cup of chopped cilantro 
  • 0.25 cup of lime juice 
  • 2 spoons black pepper 
  • 2 spoons of garlic powder 
  • 0.5 cup of margarita mix 
  • 3 spoons tequila 
  • 2.5 spoons honey 
  • Cup of olive oil 
  • 5 chicken breast halves without bones or skin.

5-Grilled basil chicken and tomatoes 

After completing the hard work, you and your husband throughout the day, you will be hungry and there will be no time to prepare food, so you will need cheap dinner ideas for 2 to get a delicious dinner without high cost.

Relax after work and eat grilled basil chicken and tomatoes to enjoy your time.


  • 8 plum tomatoes 
  • 0.5 spoon salt 
  • 1 garlic clove 
  • 0.25 cup of packed fresh basil leaves 
  • 2 spoons olive oil 
  • 2 chicken breast halves with no bones 

6-Chili hash 

Prepare a large amount of chili hash on any day of the week. By using potatoes, you could prepare one of the super ease and cheap dinner ideas that you can prepare with simple ingredients without paying a lot of money.


  • 1-pound potatoes 
  • 0.5 cup water 
  • 1 pound ground beef 
  • 1 cup frozen peas 
  • 1 medium onion 
  • 1 can chili starter 
  • 1 spoon fresh parsley 
  • 0.25 tablespoon salt 
  • Sour cream 

7-Wisconsin butter burgers 

If you go to a small restaurant in the surrounding, you will find a delicious dish called Wisconsin butter burger. 

You can prepare this dish at home, so it is considered one of the best cheap dinner ideas at home that may save you a lot of time, especially if the night comes and you are hungry and tired of working too much all the day. 

Rest a little and eat it to enjoy its wonderful taste, despite its simple ingredients and low cost.


  • 9 spoons salted butter 
  • 1 medium onion 
  • Water 
  • 1 pound ground beef 
  • 0.5 tablespoon olive oil
  • 4 hamburger buns 
  • 4 slices cheese 

8-Fried rice 

If you have a large family, everyone in this family must love fried rice. The idea of preparing rice at home is the perfect choice among all cheap dinner ideas for large family, and the thing that makes this recipe excellent is that you can add anything you want to the rice meet, chicken or anything you like to taste with rice.


  • White long grain rice 
  • 1 small onion 
  • Eggs 
  • Oil 
  • Vegetables, peas and carrots 
  • Soy sauce 
  • Green onions 

9-Pizza on a stick 

Children love this dish very much. It has a special character like magic. The whole family loves it without exception. 

With some simple ingredients, you can prepare one of the most famous cheap birthday dinner ideas. 

Prepare this wonderful recipe in a very short time to enjoy this favorite food for the whole family, if you need cheap dinner in a short time and at the same time saves a lot of money.


  • 8 ounces Italian sausage links 
  • 2 cups cherry tomatoes 
  • 2 cups fresh mushrooms 
  • 1 onion 
  • Large green pepper 
  • 30 slices turkey pepperoni 
  • Tube pizza crust 
  • Mozzarella cheese 
  • 0.25 cup pizza sauce 

10-Chicken marsala 

Marsala chicken is one of the most common Italian recipes in which chicken breasts are used with a little sauce. 

It is a quick and easy recipe and is considered one of the most famous cheap dinner ideas for 1 in Italy.


  • 0.25 cup flour 
  • 0.5 tablespoon salt 
  • 0.25 spoon ground black pepper 
  • 0.5 spoon dried oregano 
  • 4 medium chicken breast halves 
  • 4 tablespoon butter 
  • Olive oil 
  • 1 cup mushrooms 
  • 0.5 cup sherry 
  • 0.5 cup marsala wine 

Finally, we hope you have chosen one of the previous 10 cheap dinner ideas to enjoy very delicious food and save a lot of time and money.

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