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Where to watch shows online – A Guide




Where to watch shows online has become an increasingly common question as more viewers cut the cord on traditional cable TV subscriptions. With a multitude of streaming platforms available, it can be difficult to know the best places to stream movies, TV shows, live sports and more based on your interests and budget. This article will provide an overview of popular where to watch shows online options to help you decide.

Top Streaming Platforms

Here is a comparison of major streaming platforms that allow you to where to watch shows online:

Platform Price (monthly) Pros Cons
Netflix $8.99 – $17.99 Large content library, original programming, allows downloads for offline viewing No live TV or newest movie releases
Hulu $5.99 – $11.99 (with ads), $11.99 – $14.99 (no ads) Current season TV, original programming, large content library Limited movie selection, ads on cheapest plan
Amazon Prime Video $8.99 (with Prime membership) Good movie selection, original programming, allow downloads TV selection lags Netflix and Hulu
Disney+ $7.99 Disney, Marvel, Star Wars, Pixar and National Geographic content, original programming Small overall library outside designated franchises
HBO Max $9.99 (with ads), $14.99 (no ads) Quality original programming, recent theatrically-released movies, DC comics content High cost, limited general entertainment content
Peacock Free (with ads), $4.99 (with ads), $9.99 (no ads) Offers free tier, original programming, next-day NBC content Small content library beyond NBC programming
Apple TV+ $4.99 Original programming featuring top Hollywood talent Very limited library and releases compared to competitors
Paramount+ $4.99 (with ads), $9.99 (no ads) CBS & MTV programming, live sports (Champions League, NFL, NCAA), originals, recent movie releases Content beyond CBS & MTV holdings still limited

This table provides an overview of pricing and highlights for the most popular general entertainment streaming platforms. Keep reading for additional details on where you can where to watch shows online and what types of content are available on each service.

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Full Service Streaming Platforms

Platforms like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime Video aim to provide full service where to watch shows online options with a wide breadth of content. Though their libraries overlap extensively, there are some key differences in each platform’s strengths.


With over 220 million subscribers globally, Netflix is the veteran streaming platform other services seek to mimic. Netflix offers an extensive content library with emphasis on original programming like Stranger Things, The Crown and Bridgerton. Their originals rack up awards and dominate the cultural zeitgeist. Beyond buzzy originals, Netflix also licenses popular shows from networks and studios domestically and internationally.

However, Netflix does not offer any live TV options nor stream most newly released theatrical movies. Still, Netflix satisfies most general entertainment needs for those wondering where to watch shows online, from binge-watching popular shows to discovering obscure documentaries and foreign films.


Hulu sets itself apart in the where to watch shows online space by focusing on current season TV. Hulu has deals with networks like ABC, Fox and NBC to be the exclusive streaming home for most primetime broadcasts the day after they air on TV. This makes Hulu the go-to for those looking to cut the cord but who still want to where to watch shows online timely access to shows from major broadcast and cable channels.

Beyond next-day access to current TV, Hulu also has an extensive back catalog of shows and movies. They are investing heavily in original content as well, with award-winning series like The Handmaid’s Tale. One drawback is that their movie library lags behind competitors. Hulu competes strongly as both a cable alternative and general entertainment provider for those searching where to watch shows online.

Amazon Prime Video

As part of Amazon Prime membership, Prime Video offers a third compelling option for where to where to watch shows online. With an extensive collection of movies and TV shows including exclusive originals, Prime Video compares closely to Netflix in terms of general entertainment breadth. Unique benefits include movie rentals not available on subscription, ability to download videos, and the option to subscribe to add-on channels.

Original Amazon Prime shows like The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, The Boys and The Wheel of Time have earned both critical acclaim and audience buzz. The movie selection stands out in particular on Prime Video, with a stronger mix of recent releases. One relative weakness is that they lag Netflix and Hulu in the breadth of television content, though the gap has closed over time. For movie lovers wondering where to watch shows online, Prime Video may represent the most well-rounded option.

Premium and Specialty Platforms

In addition to these general entertainment giants competing heavily on where best to where to watch shows online, a number of more specialized streaming platforms have emerged. These offer premium, targeted content for enthusiasts of genres from kids animation to sci-fi/fantasy and beyond.


As the exclusive streaming home to entertainment juggernauts Disney, Pixar, Marvel and Star Wars, Disney+ naturally appeals to fans of those franchises wondering where to watch shows online. Sporting a growing slate of original movies and series based on fan-favorite properties, Disney+ offers a treasure trove for animation buffs, superhero enthusiasts and more. For those audiences, subscribing is a no-brainer to where to watch shows online content unavailable elsewhere.

Beyond the franchises, National Geographic content also streams on Disney+. While more niche than competitors, Disney+ has quickly gained ground by catering to loyal niche fanbases. With 95 million subscribers as of January 2023, Disney+ has established itself as the specialized where to watch shows online leader.


For those seeking premium, awards-caliber original series, HBO Max emerges as a top choice on where to where to watch shows online. As the streaming home to HBO’s acclaimed original programming plus exclusive access to films from Studio Ghibli and the Criterion Collection, film buffs have incentive to subscribe as well.

Max originals like Euphoria, The White Lotus and House of the Dragon generate buzz for their cinematic production value and A-list talent. However, as HBO Max has focused more on this premium original content, they have shed some legacy movies and shows available on other platforms. While HBO Max satisfies viewers seeking the highest quality series and film when wondering where to watch shows online, it has tradeoffs in terms of overall library size.


Peacock offers a unique free tier in the where to watch shows online space, alongside various premium subscription options. Peacock finds its niche as the exclusive streaming home to NBCUniversal content, ranging from classic shows like The Office to current hits like Saturday Night Live. Devotees of NBC programming will likely want access to Peacock.

Original programming remains limited but growing. Peacock also streams certain titles like Halloween Kills and Premier League soccer that are unique draws. The free tier makes Peacock worth considering when figuring out one’s ideal bundle for where to where to watch shows online, though paid tiers provide far more content.

Apple TV+

Backed by Apple’s giant budget, Apple TV+ has attracted elite Hollywood talent for its slowly expanding slate of high-profile original programming. Shows like Ted Lasso, Severance and CODA have broken through with critics and audiences as Apple emerges as an awards force. For the price, Apple TV+ originals offer extremely high production values by luring big-name actors/directors.

However, most Apple TV+ series release episodes weekly rather than all at once. More crucially, the overall library remains extremely small – while Apple seems committed for the long-haul, it’s not yet an ideal one-stop for where to watch shows online compared to platforms with wider libraries. But the original content remains compelling.


Like Peacock, Paramount+ delivers a niche targeted offering focusing on CBS and MTV programming – from NFL games and Survivor to Comedy Central shows. A slate of Paramount films brings some theatrical releases as well. While still ramping up, Paramount+ appeals to fans of those networks seeking affordable access on where to watch shows online.

Originals like 1883, Star Trek Discovery, and the upcoming Fatal Attraction series may drive more sign-ups over time. But currently, Paramount+ likely works best as a niche add-on paired with a platform boasting more general entertainment ambitions around where to watch shows online.

In summary, while the top services chase the broadest range of viewers, these premium/specialty streamers embrace more narrow niches. By focusing on specific audiences like animation fans (Disney+) or NBC sheeple (Peacock), they can pair well with larger platforms to create one’s ideal where to watch shows online bundle.

Additional Options for Where to Stream

Beyond the major entertainment platforms, dozens more streaming services now exist in all shapes and sizes. Here is an overview of some additional options on where to watch shows online:

Live TV Streaming

YouTube TV, Hulu Live, DirecTV Stream and other live TV replacements let you where to watch shows online by mirroring a cable package over the internet. With monthly prices from $50-85 including dozens of channels, Cloud DVR, and account sharing options, these let you ditch your cable box while maintaining live access to sports, news and other programming. For cord-cutters who still want the traditional TV experience, these emerging alternatives compete on where best to where to watch shows online everything cable offers.

Sports Streaming

Services like NBA League Pass, MLB.TV and ESPN+ let passionate fans where to watch shows online access to tons of live games. While subject to annoying local blackouts, sport-specific streamers provide access to entire seasons out-of-market games not available elsewhere. FuboTV offers a more general sports-centric live TV streaming bundle mixing sports networks with a basic entertainment package as well. Niche sports streamers give fans affordable access to where to watch shows online and follow favorite teams.


For picky viewers seeking more high-minded documentary content, streaming services like CuriostyStream provide an alternative to the entertainment focus of mass market rivals. With originals and a library strictly oriented around factual programming, CuriosityStream caters to influential niches like those wondering where to watch shows online acclaimed deep dives into history, science, technology and more. While limited as one’s sole streaming home, CuriosityStream competes as the top niche factual add-on.

AMC+ and BET+

As more networks launch their own direct-to-consumer options, viewers wondering where to watch shows online gain more niche alternatives. Streaming off-shoots like AMC+ and BET+ offer content unavailable on mass market platforms, while bundling other network properties. So AMC+ provides originals like Gangs of London plus access to an array of AMC, BBC America, IFC and Sundance content to stream. Similarly, BET+ offers exclusive access for super-fans seeking BET originals and legacy Black programming. As the streaming space fractures, network-specific bundles provide more tailored options on where to watch shows online.

Free Streaming (Tubi, Pluto)

I n contrast to premium subscription packages everywhere, a wave of free ad-supported streamers like Tubi, PlutoTV, The Roku Channel and more allow viewers to where to watch shows online at no cost. These services offer a mix of older licensed movies, classic shows, some live channels, and occasional original programming. You won’t get the hottest new series right away, but with patience titles often cycle through. While content depends on one’s tolerance for ads, free streamers provide yet another path for where to where to watch shows online on every budget.

Final Take – Find Your Stream

Streaming’s rise has fractured the where to watch shows online landscape across a dizzying array of services. While this brings consumer choice, it also creates decision paralysis. With so many platforms competing on exclusivity, it’s impossible to subscribe to them all.

The streaming giants like Netflix, Prime Video and Hulu still represent the easiest one-stop shops with widest general entertainment catalogs for where to watch shows online. But as libraries shrink and prices fluctuate choosing where exactly to stream (and how many services you actually have time for) depends greatly on personal taste. Niche streamers like Disney+, sports packages and free ad-supported options all carve out their own roles.

The best approach across this confusing market is to start by analyzing your actual streaming habits – do you focus most on movies, live sports, original series or comfort food sitcoms? Once you identify favorites and deal-breakers, narrow down 1-3 market leaders that seem to align with your preferences for where to watch shows online. Then supplement from there with 1-2 niche services catering to specific passions – animation, British dramas etc. Staying flexible across the ever-changing landscape remains key.

So while no perfect one-size-fits all answer exists on the optimal where to watch shows online, viewers at least now enjoy more control to mix-and-match a custom programming lineup. As the streaming wars rage on, consumers ultimately win through the freedom pick and choose across this vibrant ecosystem seeking to deliver entertainment in bold new ways.


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