Quantum computing stocks set to rise in 2024
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Quantum computing stocks set to rise in 2024


Quantum computing is an emerging technology that harnesses the power of quantum mechanics to perform calculations exponentially faster than classical computers. As the technology matures, quantum computing stocks are attracting attention from investors who want exposure to this potentially transformative sector.

Quantum computing stocks to watch

Here are some of the top public companies working on quantum computing hardware and software:

Company Description
IBM Pioneer in quantum computing research with over 100 qubits demonstrated. Making quantum computing accessible through cloud services.
Google (Alphabet) Rapidly advancing with over 100 qubits. Focus on quantum supremacy and integrating with AI.
Microsoft Investing over $10 billion in quantum computing with over 100 qubits. Building full ecosystem from research to commercialization.
Amazon (AWS) Making quantum computing accessible to enterprises via Braket cloud service. Partnering with IonQ and Rigetti.
Intel Manufacturing quantum chips and integrating with classical computing. Acquired QuTech and making venture investments.

These tech giants are leading investments into quantum computing research and racing to commercialize this breakthrough technology.

Quantum computing stock catalysts for 2024

Here are some potential catalysts that could boost quantum computing stocks in 2024:

  • Quantum supremacy milestones – Google and IBM anticipate demonstrating unambiguous quantum computational advantage over classical supercomputers. This major milestone will highlight the progress in quantum computing.
  • New product launches – Commercial quantum computing access through cloud services from IBM, Amazon, Microsoft, and Google could see growth in enterprise adoption.
  • Increased funding and investments – Governments globally are ramping investments into quantum computing research and startups. Venture funding is rising every year.
  • Partnerships and acquisitions – Collaborations on quantum algorithm development and technology transfers from academia are increasing. Established players may acquire promising startups.
  • Improved hardware – Advances in quantum bits (qubits), gates, and error correction to increase the capability and accuracy of quantum computers.

As the technology continues maturing, analysts expect increasing mainstream adoption of this revolutionary technology beyond just the tech giants. The potential for quantum computing to transform everything from drug discovery to cybersecurity ensures strong interest ahead.

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Startups to watch in the quantum computing space

While the tech giants command the most resources in quantum computing development, promising startups are also making significant breakthroughs in certain areas:

Hardware startups

  • IonQ: Developing trapped ion quantum computers using qubits with industry-leading fidelity. Went public via SPAC merger in 2021.
  • Rigetti: Venture-backed startup building quantum integrated circuits. Plans to go public in 2022 via SPAC.
  • PsiQuantum: Developing silicon photonics-based quantum computers with capabilities for error correction.

Software startups

  • 1Qbit: Develops quantum software and applications for the financial, chemical, utilities and pharma sectors.
  • QC Ware: Provides enterprise applications, tools, and libraries to apply quantum computing to business problems.
  • River Lane: Focused on making quantum algorithms accessible to non-experts. Enables faster development of quantum solutions.

The opportunities in the emerging quantum computing industry attracting investment present a high-risk, high-reward prospect for investors in 2024 and beyond. While the technology is still evolving, getting exposure early to this transformative sector could pay off exponentially in the long run.

Growth trends that could lift quantum computing stocks

Here are some key trends that suggest strong growth ahead for the quantum computing sector:

  • Global ICT giants continue to prioritize quantum computing as the next frontier with billions invested in research annually.
  • Venture funding and deals in quantum computing startups have risen from $90 million in 2011 to over $450 million in 2021.
  • Governments are ramping up investments, with the US National Quantum Initiative committing $1.2 billion towards quantum information science.
  • Advances in quantum computing hardware improving the number and quality of qubits every year. Hitting 500-1000 fault tolerant qubits could be possible by 2030.
  • Growing enterprise interest, as 34% of global executives in one survey expect quantum computing to have a significant impact for their business.
  • Emerging quantum ecosystem, as organizations like the Quantum Economic Development Consortium (QED-C) accelerate commercialization.

The stars continue aligning for the nascent quantum computing industry, as both the technological capabilities and supporting ecosystem evolve further each year. Along with the potentially enormous market opportunities, these trends point to exciting times ahead for investors in quantum computing stocks.


Quantum computing portends to be as transformational a technology as the semiconductor or the internet. While still in its early days, rapid advances in hardware capabilities, research innovations, and an emerging quantum ecosystem suggest strong momentum ahead. As this breakthrough technology matures, investors have an early opportunity today to add exposure of this sector to their portfolio. Keep an eye on the industry leaders, startup challengers and market trends as this sector develops in 2024 and beyond.


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