Riot Games announces change to VRLs - News
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Riot Games announces change to VRLs – News

Riot Games just announced in a press release Changes for the 2023 competitive season valor. In fact, the VRLs (Gallant Regional Leagues) will be awarded a new name Besidea little differently from that year. We explain everything we know in this article.

New name, new territories

to start, VRLs name change. From 2023, the valiant regional tournaments will not be but Challengers. However, be careful not to confuse it with the contenders already in the VCT circuit. These are not the same competitions, although regional competitors will provide the opportunity for certain teams to gain access to international competitors.

to new areas They will also qualify for their competitors. In fact, when the valiant regional leagues were set up, Riot Games announced that if the coordination had some success, other regions could get their own tournaments. This will already be the case since 2023, 21 regional districts It will be rolled out all over the world.

to me’EuropeNothing changes, the regions in question are always the same, namely: Northern Europe, Southern Europe (Spain, Italy, Portugal), France, Benelux, DACH (Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Turkey), Eastern Eastern Europe, Middle East and North Africa.

From 2023, two other major regions will have regional federations. This is theAmerica And the security. In America, the regions concerned are: North America, North America, South America and Brazil.

In the Pacific, the following regions will have a new regional association: South Asia (including India), Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Korea, Japan, Taipei, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Indonesia, and Oceania.

Various leagues

Challengers form

How do you qualify?

To get to the challengers, teams must pass first Open qualifications. However, it is not yet known if some teams will qualify by invitation, as was the case this year. Thus, the teams that managed to pass the open qualifications will participate in their region’s competition, which will be divided into two parts. Each part consists of a regular season plus the playoffs. The team that wins a portion of the Challenger Champion will be named.

Challengers Ascension

As was already the case this year with the VCT promotion, Challengers will offer teams access to international tournaments. Every major region (namely Europe, Middle East, Africa, Pacific and the Americas) will see the best teams from their rivals compete in a tournament called Challenger Ascension. So there will be three such tournaments, one for each region. At the end of these competitions, the winning teams will be able to join the international tournaments the following year. These tournaments will take place at the end of the year and three teams will enter the VCT circuit, one for each region.

Riot Games Announces Change in VRLs - Competitor Promotional Path Evaluation -

Be careful as this promotion is not final. In fact, teams eligible for international tournaments will only be able to stay there for two years. During this period, they will have the same opportunities as the other VCT teams to qualify for Masters and Champions. However, at the end of those two years, they’ll be back in Challenger and they’ll have to fight again to try and get back into VCT.

With this promotion system, every international league will have another place to submit a team each year, in order to reach a maximum of 14 teams by 2027.

Riot Games Announces Changes to VRLs - Valiant Competitors Calendar -

If we don’t know more currently, Riot Games has confirmed that new items will be published this fall, i.e. information regarding open qualifications, the Challengers calendar, or even information about the various Ascension tournaments.

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