GTA 6: Alpha version images and videos leaked on the Internet
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GTA 6: Alpha version images and videos leaked on the Internet

During the night, GTAForums themes saw the emergence of a new theme, the latter containing several gameplay videos for … GTA 6, according to its repository. Videos that look legitimate according to several votes. Will we have a massive leak for the upcoming Grand Theft Auto?

Video excerpt Our legality has been confirmed as an official excerpt from GTA 6 in its development phase. A man, who claimed to have hacked nothing more and nothing less than Uber, has revealed a bunch of videos on GTAForums Approximately 90 videos about GTA 6, in the alpha design stage (and therefore a project under construction and far from being the final product).

GTA 6 2025

Videos revealing the so-called “patch” tools related to the game’s physics, interactions and which are very similar, if not identical to those well used in Rockstar Games, which we have already been able to observe during the development stages of Red Dead Redemption II. The videos, as we said above, have been confirmed as legitimate by us. The effect of this morning’s bombshell, for example Jason Schreyer rated it as The biggest leak in Rockstar history“.

Videos on a dedicated topic are available on GTAForums, at this address.

We won’t be posting screenshots or videos of this content directly, for obvious reasons: we’re not rich enough to pay a fine to Take Two Interactive. We also advise you not to post this content directly to your networks and other public profiles. The article is therefore backed by Twitter snippets of accounts taking this risk.

What are the main points of the 90 videos? It’s called the Americas, the codename for a Rockstar Games project that’s been in development for a few years, and it includes the elements we mentioned earlier in the year by Jason Schreier and that we mentioned elsewhere in this article: , the latter has features of Latin origin. their names? Jason and Lucia.

We can see in places, including the fast food our characters stole, but also the outside views already contemplating a modern reconstruction of Vice City. In addition, the police car bears the words “VCPD”, for “Vice City Police Department” or a tram/metro bears the mention of “Vice City Metro”. We discover clothing stores and test videos on the cover system. It seems that the possibility of bending will return to the supposed GTA 6 (let’s nonetheless keep the principle of skepticism, even if…), a feature that was abandoned in GTA V in favor of the “stealth” mode.

Note the possibility to interact with NPCs, as in Red Dead Redemption II. Finally, we notice a mention of “Jay Norris” in a conversation between one of our heroes and an NPC and his death. To recall, Jay Norris is the CEO of LifeInvader, who was killed in the middle of a keynote by a phone that Michael tampered with, in one of the first GTA V missions.

During the day we will explain new details among all the videos if we find interesting items. Finally, it should be noted that these excerpts are of course far from showing the quality of game rendering that we will have in the coming years. : Here we are in excerpts from the game design phase, called “Alpha,” so it’s normal to see the NPCs don’t wear all of their textures, and have vehicles or even scene items taken from GTA V. Some excerpts are also being tested in areas and not in the playing field. Of course, we’re in the “alpha” stages of a game in development and focus on functionality and interaction tests.

With these massive leaks, we just have to watch the reaction of Rockstar Games, which here sees years of work in broad daylight on the most awaited video game franchise.

Have a nice day (which it should be!) on Rockstar Mag’!

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