Tour de France - This is the likely course of the Tour de France 2023!

Tour de France – This is the likely course of the Tour de France 2023!

This Thursday, around noon, we’ll be flat on a track Tour de France 2023. Christian Prudhommepresident circularwill already be formalized on October 27 – at the Palais des Congrès in Paris – on a map big ringIt will take place from 1 to 23 July. And like every year, Cyclism’ news Taking you through what’s being said on the web, in the regional press (PQR) or local radio stations. Which departure and arrival cities will you see high mass July next year? What big blocks and big lanes did the runners make in circular ? What areas will be crossed? How many test kilometers will be on the program? Below is a compilation of all the more or less confirmed rumors that appear for Big Episode 2023. While waiting for it to be officially fixed by the Tour Chief, Christian PrudhommeThis Thursday, October 27 around noon, at the Palais des Congrès in Paris, this is the itinerary of Tour de France 2023. Previously and still this Thursday noon, Marion Rossrace director at Women’s Tour de France with Zwift He will reveal to us the path of the second version of Women’s Tour de France Which will take place from July 23 to July 30.

Video – The track of the first three stages of the 2023 Tour de France!

Grand Depart from Bilbao, then…?

If it has been official for more than a year, a file great departure The Tour de France It will be held in Spain from Bilbao In the Basque Country big ring – Which will stage its 110th edition next year – it is clear that it will ignore the Great West and the North of France this year. So where would you be able tobreak up“The candidates for the yellow jersey… among them we will definitely find Jonas Fingergaard (Jumbo Visma), Tadej Pojjakar (Emirates UAE team) And who knows Egan Bernal (INEOS Grenadiers) – The last 3 winners over the past 4 years – or so Primoz Roglic (Jumbo Visma) and Remko Evenpoel (Fast Step Alpha Phenyl).

Possible route for the Tour de France 2023, July 1 to 23!

Saturday 1 Julylevel 1 : Bilbao Bilbao (185 km)

Sunday 2 JulyThe second step : Vitoria-Justice – San Sebastian (210 km)

Monday 3 JulyStep 3 : Amorebieta-Etxano – Bayonne

Tuesday 4th JulyStep 4 : DAX – Nogaro

Wednesday 5th JulyFifth step : Pau – Larons

Thursday 6 JulyStep 6 : Tarbes – Cauterets

Friday 7 JulyStep 7 : Mont de Marsan – Bordeaux

Saturday July 8Step 8 : Libourne – Limoges

Sunday July 9Step 9 : Saint-Leonard de Noble – Puy de Dome

Monday 10 JulyFirst day of rest in Clermont-Ferrand

Tuesday 11 Julystep 10 : Vulcania – Issoire (A CLM individual?)

Wednesday 12th JulyStep 11 : Clermont-Ferrand – Mills

Thursday 13th JulyStep 12 : Rouen – Belleville en Beaujolais

Friday 14 JulyStep 13 : Châtillon-sur-Chalaronne – Grand Colombier

Saturday 15th JulyStep 14 : Anamas Morzine

Sunday 16 Julystep 15 : Les Gates – Saint Gervais Mont Blanc

Monday 17 JulySecond day of rest in Saint Gervais

Tuesday 18 JulyStep 16 : Passy-complex (single or group?)

Wednesday 19 Julystep 17 : Salanche – Courchevel

Thursday 20 Julystep 18 : Motier – Burg en Press

Friday July 21 step 19 : Moirans-en-Montagne – Poligny

Saturday 22nd Julystep 20 : Belfort – Le Markstein

Sunday 23 Julystep 21 : Place Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines National Racecourse – Paris Champs-Elysées

“Every year, since 1992, the Basque Country wants Greater Departes…”

pass on Tour in Spain 2022 on the occasion of the launch of the sixth phase that was launched in Bilbao, Christian Prudhomme Thus he was able to conjure the Grand Départ of the big ring 2023, and specifically the enthusiasm of the Basque Country, well known in the world of the young queen. “Here it is a story of enthusiasm, passion and love, without a doubt. Among the best audiences in the world there are the Belgians, we discovered the Danish audience and obviously there is the Basque Country! The peculiarity of these coasts with steep cliffs. Great place with hills, mountains and sea too. The passion for cycling is extraordinary and you can see it here also in the Vueltaexplained in the comments reported by RTBF.

“They will have something to do…”

We have been in contact with the Basque Country for a long time and the Grand Départ was announced a good year ago, continue manager Tour de France. What surprised me about this nomination is that, in fact, every year since 1992 and leaving San Sebastian, the Basque government, the province of Vizcaya and the city of Bilbao have written to say that they want a great departure again. Every year for 30 years! So we will come back to him and I am very happy. The Basque organization was in Denmark, they saw the enthusiasm and pressed them by saying: You know what awaits you! Over the past couple of years, it’s clear that week one of the Tour de France has been tailor-made for the speculators.

It depends on the racers but next year there will be a start for the speculators and that’s very good. I wish we had Julian Alaphilippe, Matthew van der Poel and, of course, Watt van Aert. I don’t want to say it could be better, but if it’s riders who feel limited in the high mountains, but have tremendous ability otherwise, they want to use the first week to generally move forward, not just to advance for a week but for the future for a while Longer, they will have a lot more to do.

After the Basque Pyrenees, the French Pyrenees!

As announced by the newspaper, among other things SendThere will be many Pyrenees at the 2023 Tour de FranceWe are of course talking about the Pyrenees in France where in the continuity of the three days in Spain he will take the race from the direction of Bayonne Monday 3 July before spinning The next day Dax in Landes towards Nogaro In Gers where 50 years ago Luis Ocaña won the Tour de France. Before arriving in Bao to faceIt passes through the French Pyrenees. Queen move? On Thursday, July 6, obviously, between Tarbes and Cauterets, with Col du Tourmalet on the list, no doubt.

Puy-de-Dôme and Auvergne Celebrate!

Last pass from Tour de France It dates back to 1988… thus it will restore Puy du Dome big ringon July 9 at the end of the ninth stage, which will start from Saint Leonard de Noblet In Haute-Vienne, the city where he was buried Raymond Polidor According to the log information the mountain. Puy-de-Dôme, Clermont-Ferrand, Vulcania, Issoire … the circular He will lay his bags in Auvergne from July 9 in the evening until July 13 in the morning, with the first day off from this big ring 2023 in Clermont-Ferrand.

Seven days in the Alps before returning to Paris via the Jura and the Vosges!

In the last week of this Tour de France 2023, Dauphin Libre Announces seven heavy and strong days in the Alps as it reaches the top Grand Colombian CardJuly 14! Then, the fourteenth stage on Saturday, July 15 between diamonds And the Morzine Beyond Col de Joux . plane. Before facing July 19 during stage 17 terrible Cole de la LuzThe “collar not found” according to Christian Prudhommepresident Tour de France Which will rise again as in 2020.

Grand-Ballon, the day before the end …

Alps past, heading east for this Tour de France 2023 With two stages in Franche-Comté and in Jura according to information from blue France. Before the twentieth and penultimate stage, on Saturday July 22 between Belfort And the Markstein by big balloon Which peaks at 1424 meters and is the highest peak in the Regiment Regiment, also called Guebwiller Balloon. As for the twenty-first and last stage, on Sunday, July 23, it will be a procession between San Quentin-en-Yvelines National RacecourseThe headquarters of the French Cycling Federation (FFC) and where most cycling events are Olympic Games From Paris 2024and the The Champs Elysees to me Paris.

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