Throat orgasms are more common than you think

Throat orgasms are more common than you think

The movie is basically deep throat It wasn’t far from reality. The aptly named Insider has already published a survey stating that throat orgasms are common. The article begins with the testimony of a fifty-year-old Texas woman describing the first time she lived one. While performing the blowjob, she realized that her saliva was getting thicker, and then her whole body began to shiver.

That was years ago. Since then, this woman has been able to give herself orgasms by stimulating her throat, tongue, and mouth. Oral sex is not necessary to get a snag in the throat: a similar result can be obtained using a person’s fingers or a sex toy. But beware, as the interviewed witness warns, this astonishing result is far from being achieved every time.

In some people, people feel this orgasm in the mouth or throat. In other cases, it descends into the genitals, when it does not cross the whole body. Some testimonies even testify to having orgasms in their throat through the simple power of thought, after thinking about their tongue or after transmitting their erotic thoughts to this area of ​​their body through the practice of breathing exercises.

Although unknown, this euphoria does not surprise the scientific community, as it is aware of the throat’s richness in sensory cells as well as the abundance of nerve endings in the tongue and mouth. Orgasm is centered on the brainRemember sexologist Carol Quinn anyway, so “Some people can experience types of orgasms that others may find often impossible.”.

This phenomenon will affect both men and women, even if, as physician Herbert Arthur Otto explains in his book Liberating Orgasm: The Orgasmic Revolution Since 1999, men have been more reluctant to talk about their experiences – possibly due to some form of internalized homophobia. According to the testimonies collected by the scientist from several hundred people, almost 20% of individuals have already had this experience at least once, which is a similar percentage for women and men.

Other scientists who have studied the topic do not give figures, but their work in no way confirms the fact of throat tremor. This may be in part due to stimulation of the vagus nerve, the tenth cranial nerve, the longest and most branched in the parasympathetic system, which controls the involuntary activities of the organs.

According to Dr. Amir Marashi, co-founder of sex toy brand Cerē, four branches of this very long nerve lead respectively to the back of the throat, the base of the tongue, the throat, and the vocal cords. The vagus nerve is also indirectly connected to the genitals with the help of the pudendal nerve, which is one of the main nerves that innervate the perineum. Hence the fact that stimulating the throat can lead to sensations between the legs.

G-spot is like a throat

According to some experts, the throat has a similar G-spot, located behind the uvula, at the level of the cricopharyngeal muscle, which is part of the upper part of the esophagus. On the other hand, stimulating it requires going to stimulate an area located at the back of the throat, thus using a penis or phallic object. We can read in the testimonials that some “deep throat” sessions cause the texture of the throat tissues to change, similar to what can happen at the level of the vulva.

But then, why don’t affected people have orgasms when they feed or clear their throats? The answer is simple, and it must be repeated: because orgasm begins in the brain, the right conditions are needed to achieve this kind of peak. Thus, relentless mechanical interest in this field is of little importance: even in trained individuals, an orgasm in the throat is by no means a systemic thing.

This is an opportunity to remember that in matters of sexual intercourse, consent is the absolute basis, and that this type of practice has been discussed previously. Given the technical nature of the thing, no one will be able to give an orgasm to a partner who does not want it. And it’s not even worth trying to imagine.

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