The heart is outside

The heart is outside

All France Télévisions antennas present, on Friday, November 11, a special evening dedicated to the Overseas.

In the program: cinema, fiction, documentary, live performance … to better understand the life, environment, culture and heritage of the overseas territories.

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This special begins the fourth edition of Operation Cœur Outre-mer, which will take place from Friday 11 November to Monday 21 November 2022 on France Télévisions digital channels and platforms. Every day, take a fresh look at the overseas territories by offering diverse and eclectic content. To understand, understand and decipher the various components of this compound above sea level.

The opportunity for France Télévisions to reaffirm its commitment to developing the vision of the Overseas Territories, on all channels – linear and digital – through all types of programmes.

❤️Criminal Tropics, Season 3

Friday, November 11 – 9:10 PM CST 2 (2 new episodes)

It all starts with a wedding: Gaëlle Crivelli is about to say “yes,” when a murder is reported. She takes the opportunity to plant her husband and leaves the party. Melissa Saint Rose laughs at her utter lack of courage. Was she afraid of commitment? But is Melissa more typical? Compounding the failures in love, she finds herself courted by a young man in his twenties who is still a student. She might tell him “no,” the young man insists on teasing her. And when she thinks that she has found the perfect lover in the person of the gendarmerie commander, she discovers that he is married and that he moves with his wife to the next house. She’s not at the end of her surprise, as she sees the return of Frank, her ex, father of her children, who has only one idea: to get back into a relationship with… Gayle!
It’s hard for our heroines to stay focused on the criminal investigations they have to conduct, and yet nothing is stopping Melissa Saint Rose and Gail Crivelli.
Tropiques Criminels were filmed in various locations in Martinique for 3 seasons with the professional and personal adventures of Captain Melissa Saint Rose (Sonia Roland) of Martinique origin.
With Sonia Roland (Melissa Saint-Rose), Beatrice de la Boulaye (Gael Crivelli), Julian Pyramis (Aurelien Charlie), Ari Elmaleh (Frank), Valentin Papudov (Philip Dorian), Benjamin Duba Paris (Lucas), Antoinette Gerrit (Chloe) ), Stefan Wojtovic (Commissioner Alan Echevery), Yuli Fuller (Baptiste Sorrell), Marin Judas Poiso (Kevin), Doraline Garcia (Estelle), Stanny Cobbett (Cyril Oberon), Cyril Debreuil (Sarah Oberon).
Entertainment Production Consortium • Directors Denis Thibaud and Florian Crepin • Series by Eric Eder, Evan Peter and Terry Sorrell

❤️Overseas Choirs

Fri November 11 – 11:20 PM in France 3

Embark on an extraordinary world music tour in the heart of France on the high seas, interspersed with choral songs.
Sit on this wonderful cruise of the overseas choirs, with Mareva Galanter and Juan Masinha at command of the ship.
At least ten choirs pass the baton. From Wallis-et-Futuna to Mayotte, from Guyana to Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon, and from Tahiti to Guadeloupe via Paris, ten choirs give themselves “the” to make you travel and discover their lands. Find the choirs of Amadeus, Noons Tané, New Caledonia vocal ensemble, Chœurs en fête, Arpège, Baladins, Madrassati Sania, Donum Dei and Chorale de Miquelon as well as the famous gospel ensemble with 100 voices.
100 minutes Program presented by Mareva Galanter and Juan Massenya Ax Sud Production Director Julien Faustino 2021


Friday 11 November – 9 pm France time 5
Lola, who is of mixed ethnicity in western India, has a white lover and a black lover, and she is expecting a child without knowing who the father is. Felix, the white man, doesn’t want to hear about it, and Jamal, the black man, gives up his studies to live with her. Lola takes tests to find out the father of her child…
With Julie Modoch, Hubert Condé, Matthew Kassowitz.
95 min • Production studio channel, Lazennec Productions, French production company, Nomad Films • Director Mathieu Kassovitz • 1993

❤️Caledonia, my dancing land

Friday 11 November – 10:35 PM FT 5
Thierry Verger, a dancer and choreographer, left his native New Caledonia forty years ago. His dance allowed him to travel all over the world, but he did not forget his roots, what he calls his collective memory. The movie begins when Thierry Verger finally has the opportunity to return to his land of origins on a journey between memories and reality. Always at the forefront of his first dream: to dance with his family. Throughout this 52-minute documentary filmed between Paris and Noumea, the feelings of reunion, their joys and sorrows are expressed to the rhythm of the dance of the original St. Louis tribe’s choreographer. Thierry Verger’s almost animal instinct finds its perfect expression amidst the majestic and symbolic landscapes of New Caledonia. But through his meeting with Caledonian youth, we discover the sensitivity of the dancer. Then, through a master class organized at the cultural centre, Rex in Noumea, the film takes us to meet this rich young man with his diverse roots, for dream time, dance time.
52 minutes • Produced by Les Films de la Butte • Director Catherine Abekasis • 2022

❤️Mad air oh

Friday 11 November – 10:20 PM on Culturebox
The comedy Mad Gwa Ya at La Cigale brought together the best comedians from the scenes of Martinique, Guadeloupe and Guyana. Discover the cream of this generation of comedians: Guadeloupeans Matt Le Buzz and Yolau, Guyanese Cleeveland, Martiniquais Bobi and GSL in a very hot show.
109 minutes • Produced by Beau Comme les Antilles • Direction Arnaud Legoff • 2021

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