Oldman: Dragonflight Dungeon - World of Warcraft
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Oldman: Dragonflight Dungeon – World of Warcraft

Uldman: Tyr’s Legacy is a 5-player dungeon in Dragonflight. This is a new version of Uldaman with new rooms and new bosses. This is an experience that mixes elements we already know from this WoW dungeon with all-new monsters and mechanics. Find our guide to Uldaman below.

Uldaman is an old school dungeon, so you might have a hard time navigating it if you haven’t been there before. Stay close to your buddies if this is the case. Garbage is nothing special. There are a lot of filthy monsters like basilisks, spiders and trojans. You have to wait for the last part of the dungeon to discover new enemies. I think, for example, of ebony golem or servants of the dragon Deios. However, there are no specific reporting mechanisms.

The architecture is well known but Uldaman regulars will be happy to discover new rooms!

1. The Lost Dwarves

The Lost Dwarves are the first head of the Uldaman state. You will fight Baelog, Eric the Agile and Olaf, the heroes of Blizzard’s The Lost Vikings. Each of the three characters has specific techniques, but the combat is also very original due to the boat that appears during the fight. The dwarves can take refuge there and shoot you while the canoe flies around the room!

  • Bylog
    • Heavy Arrow: An arrow that damages all players in its path and knocks them back. He doesn’t use it often during a fight.
    • Savage Edge: Cone attack hits players hard in melee.
  • Eric is graceful
    • Skullcracker: The boss charges a player. The target and all nearby team members are damaged and confused for 3 seconds.
    • Throwing dagger: A long-range attack that targets a random player.
  • Olaf
    • Bounce Shield: Olaf throws his shield at a player. It deals damage but will also bounce off other players if they are within 5 metres. So it is necessary to deviate a little to avoid the attack, even if it is not easy because the combat is very chaotic and the room is cramped.
    • Defensive Protection: This is a defensive spell that allows Olaf to reduce damage to dwarves by 75% for 12 seconds. It must be stopped as soon as possible.

At the end of the fight, the dwarves will rise boat. This will soar into the air and fire artillery shells at the players. If you stay where you are, you’ll take direct damage, DoT and you’ll bounce back. Attention, the effect is cumulative, so the damage can be greatly increased. This is the funniest moment (seeing the dwarves in the boat is a lot of fun) but also the most difficult because the red areas abound and you have to avoid the shots.

The Three Dwarves in the famous rowboat

2. Stomach

Bromach is the second boss and can be found in the same place you encountered Ironaya in the original Uldaman. It’s a very difficult boss the first time you encounter it because you have to manage the extensions running in all directions.

When Bromach . is launched Invitation from the depthThis means that 5 addons will arrive. There are two. The first is Stonecave Ambusher which can jump on a random player and inflict damage on all players within 4 meters of the point of impact. The second is Cavestone Geomancer. It swings lightning strings that can bounce off players. Ideally, the spell should be interrupted. Note that the number of Ambushers and Geomancers varies. You can have 5 ambushes or only 3 accompanied by 2 land sponsors.

Regularly, the boss will summon a seismic totem. Its range is long enough to damage all players, so drop the totem as fast as you can. It is important because When the totem disappears, all troggs are surprised for 10 seconds. During this time, they are immobile and do 200% damage.

Unless Bromach is about to die, try to deal with some extras anyway. These are rather annoying and can become even more difficult when the boss throws bloodshed. Refinement increases the acceleration of his allies by 20 seconds.

Finally, Bromach can also launch a file thunderous clash. It is an area attack that damages players within 12 meters of the boss.

3. Ranger Talondras

Talondras is a chief who requires an understanding of how resonant celestial bodies work. If your party can handle this mechanic correctly, you’ll be fine.

At the start of combat, Talondras has 0 Chi Points. It will gradually build up and once it reaches 100, it will start Titanic boost. This is a massive 50% damage boost that makes it unstoppable and immune to all control effects (polishing duration depends on difficulty setting). You already understood that your goal is to prevent Talondras from reaching 100 Chi Points.

To do this, you will use a file Resonance orbs which will appear regularly on the site of three players. Warning: If you touch a ball, you will be stunned for 6 seconds. So the tank has to fly the boss and make him touch the orbs. However, Talondras has two domains around its head. Every time Talondras touches a resonant orbit, the ball disappears. Once the two balls are eliminated, the boss is forced to touch the third orb, this will reset his energy to zero.

The rest of the fight is easy to handle. Talondras regularly releases a crush trample Which inflicts damage and knocks out all players. So do not stand in front of the orb, the recoil may cause it to collide with it. Finally, we also note that the coach can throw stones at the player who will take direct damage and a transfer cycle that lasts 10 seconds.

4. Byron

Welcome to the Uldaman Sound and Light Show! The fight against Byron takes place in a circular room. All around you will see idle Vault Guards playing a major role in the battle.

Once the battle begins, Byron will Activate Guardians. Activates three simultaneously. These guards will throw Searching for flameFireballs to avoid or destroy.

Seconds later, Pyron will stand in the center of the room and associate him with the Guardians. These can then be targeted by players. Attack them and kill them as quickly as possible. This is necessary because during this time, Pyron is routing pillars of flame that revolves around the room. These flames hurt you a lot, so be careful not to hit you while dealing with the guardians. Additionally, Byron throws a burst of fire every three seconds. So we must eliminate the Guardians very quickly to reduce the total amount of damage to the group.

Outside of these more tense moments, Pyron can also throw unstable embers on a random character. The player realizes this immediately because an aura appears under his feet. He must then move away from other players to avoid damaging them when the explosion occurs. Finally, the coach can also throw burning blow. It’s a spell intended primarily for a tank because it hits targets right in front of the Pyron.

5. Kronollord Deuce

Deuce is Oldman’s last boss. If he first appears in his human form, you will encounter him in the form of a dragon.

The first skill to pay attention to is Orb of Eternity. At very regular intervals, the chief drops golden orbs from the ceiling. If the player is about to make an impact, he will take damage (nothing bad). On the other hand, the place instantly turns into a file Eternity Zone. Anyone in it takes damage every second and rushes by 30%. In short, don’t stay in the yellow areas.

Sometimes, Chronolord Deios will Reverse the course of time. The screen becomes black and white and all players take DoT for 12 seconds. become eternal orbs Celestial time bodies And go up to the ceiling. The areas of eternity that should not be walked on become time zones that you should walk on. This will give you a 50% performance speed boost!

These mechanisms are the most important to consider. Apart from that, Deios has two other skills:

  • wing strike : Deals damage and knocks all players in the group.
  • the same sand : An attack that affects all players who encounter a dragon.

The fight against Chronolord Deios, for example, is not the most difficult. You have to move to avoid some AoEs but nothing too bad. Watch out for healers during the time reversal, as all group members will take damage.

Here we can clearly see the orb as it comes to earth. On the left is the space of eternity.

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