"We want PSG to stay in the park at any cost," says Emmanuel Gregoire, first vice-mayor of Paris.

“We want PSG to stay in the park at any cost,” says Emmanuel Gregoire, first vice-mayor of Paris.

Emmanuel Gregoire, first vice-mayor of Paris, was a guest at the Ruthen Fire Thursday on RMC to provide details of the dispute between PSG management and Paris City Hall over the potential sale of the Parc des Princes.

This is a major issue for PSG. And through its president, Nasser Al-Khulaifi, the Capital Club recently announced its desire to purchase the Princes Park, in order to carry out works that would allow increasing its currently limited capacity to 48,000 places. In the spirit of Al-Khelaifi, this development is necessary to continue the fight against clubs whose containers are much larger than the park. But for the implementation of this project, the Parisian administration has one condition: to become the owner of the Princes’ Park.

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While PSG occupies these facilities thanks to an extended 30-year lease, the Paris city council doesn’t really seem willing to part with the enclosure without cashing out a large check: around 350 million euros. Too expensive for Parisian leaders. Emmanuel Gregoire, the first vice-mayor of Paris, was the guest of Rothen Sparks this Thursday on RMC to provide details on this dossier.

The heart of the conflict between Town Hall and PSG

“Is the park for sale? It’s not a simple question. We’ve never ruled out selling the park. We want PSG to stay in the park at any cost. It’s a closely related story. We need the club in Paris. It’s the club of the capital and we want it to stay that way. The difficulty is that the sale of public property meets very severe legal restrictions.I think the PSG president had these restrictions in mind, but he forgot them a bit.You must first propose a price, and then validate it by the Bercy management.You can’t sell it cheaper than The price determined by the domains.” Finally, we have to convince the Bercy council. Even if I agreed, and we could go on with this hypothesis, I should have been able to convince the majority of the 163 members of the Council of Paris. It’s not so simple. “

“We rent really cheap”

“We understand Nasser’s argument when he says he will have to invest 500 to 600 million euros. “For a very, very long time. But it is true that in the model of the big international clubs, ownership of the stadium is a very important element. I know enough about football not to ignore this argument. We rent the park at PSG really cheap.”

How much is the park really worth?

“A park with PSG is worth a lot. The value of an empty park is much less. So it is not easy to say how much it is really worth. The price depends on legal criteria. The park has a completely astronomical land value. Some experts say that the value of the park is 1 billion euros. On the other hand “PSG says it’s worth €40m. We have an expert report released by independent experts who say it’s worth €350m. But there are a lot of complexities on the technical grounds. We respect PSG more than anything. We also respect the PSG shareholder. Since I was responsible for this “Things, we’ve accelerated the discussions. One of the hypotheses is to renegotiate a long-term lease. What I understand from the interventions from the PSG president is that there is a real impatience.”

Can the park be extended?

“It is a technical problem of the file. The building has a special configuration, which also makes it a charm. Half of it is located above the ring road. One solution in the stadium’s resumption is to excavate the ground to accentuate the corners of the stands. But today, engineering studies say that it is difficult to exceed 10,000 or 15,000 additional seats. No We can get to a scale of 90,000 or 100,000.PSG would prefer a stadium at 60,000 while keeping that compact aspect so precious.A 100,000-seater stadium today, I’m skeptical of the idea.

“An issue of historical depth”

“Can PSG really leave the park? It wouldn’t be a responsibility for us. My feeling is that the future of PSG is in the park. If we start from this common premise between the shareholder, the city, the fans and the football fans, we will find a solution. I can’t imagine RC Lens playing in any Another place than Bollaert. This is an issue of historical depth. I have no other obsession than keeping PSG in the park.”

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