Women's Euro 2022 - Netherlands, Blue's opponent in the quarter after their victory over Switzerland (4-1)

Women’s Euro 2022 – Netherlands, Blue’s opponent in the quarter after their victory over Switzerland (4-1)

We know the opponent of the French national team in the quarter-finals of the European Women’s Cup 2022. Therefore, the Netherlands will be the title holders. The Dutch had all the trouble in the world to correct Switzerland (4-1), at the end of a game that was essentially decided in the last minutes, on Sunday in Sheffield. Despite this broad and highly deceptive success, the Netherlands did not finish top of Group C due to the smaller goal difference for Sweden, which they tackled with a victory over Portugal (5-0). As I understand, there will be a confrontation between the Blues and the Dutch in the next round, regardless of what Corinne Deacon’s players do against Iceland on Monday night.
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Euro 2022

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The Netherlands avoided disappointment. But the Portuguese pulled on the baton to defeat Switzerland, who played their luck bravely for most of the match before bursting into flight just before the final whistle. The Dutch entered the match very poorly, initially unable to arrange passes to advance. The Swiss saw it as a way to show opportunism, like a superb kick from Sandy Maundy that was blocked by Daphne van Domselaer (13th place). This action was a wake-up call for the Netherlands, who finished the first period much better and could even have secured a penalty without the intervention of the VAR, after a slight contact between Leneth Berenstein and Gael Thallmann (23rd). Nati’s goalkeeper also split several crucial gestures (24, 27, 34).


The Netherlands is not very reassuring

Unfortunately for Switzerland, his encouraging performance from the start was undermined by an own goal from Anna Maria Kronogorsevich, in a situation that was nonetheless without real danger when receiving a corner kick (0-1, 49). Fortunately, it was this opener that paid well for the Netherlands, quickly followed by a draw. Very technically comfortable, Ramona Bachmann served up Geraldine Reutler perfectly to revive the suspense (1-1, 53). Then Komba Su had a double chance to put his team ahead, but Van Domsellar and the Post decided otherwise (56th place). Raiola Shimaile could also have put Switzerland on their way to qualifying, but his powerful shot was blocked by Van Domselaer, who played his role as the last bastion to keep his team alive during the drift (80th place).

The Netherlands finally had a proud reaction in the final 10 minutes, led by substitutes Romy Lochter and Victoria Belova. Thalmann’s first rough name was approved on a cross from Lynn Wilms (1-2, 84), while her teammate needed a long intervention from VAR to nullify an offside position on an initially rejected goal (1-3, 89).

Finally, the duo excelled again by allowing Leuchter to score twice (1-4, 90 + 5). At this point in the match, Switzerland no longer believes in it, hence this fake result that will not guarantee first place. The French have been warned: the Dutch seem more than capable of being taken when they have a coronation in defense. See you next Saturday for that poster that looks like a final before the hour.

Euro 2022

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Euro 2022

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