Champions League: City hits Seville, Donetsk makes a surprise in Leipzig

Champions League: City hits Seville, Donetsk makes a surprise in Leipzig

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It ended up everywhere!

The greatest joy at the end of the match came from Shakhtar Donetsk, who gave a few moments of happiness to the Ukrainian people with the win in Leipzig.

Group E

Zagreb 1-0 Chelsea

Salzburg 1-1 Milan

F . group

Celtic 0-3 Real Madrid

Leipzig 1-4 Donetsk

Group G

Dortmund 3-0 Copenhagen

Sevilla 0-4 Manchester City

group h

Paris Saint-Germain 2-1 Juventus

Benfica 2-0 Maccabi Haifa

Job to save Salzburg!

Salzburg 1-1 Milan

One of the defenders deflects a shot at the entrance to the zone and comes very close to being the unfortunate hero of the evening. Finally, we won’t even have time to see his name in the multiplier flow. lucky.

Seville drink challenge for the ladies!

Sevilla 0-4 Manchester City

On the Spanish bench or in the stands, everyone grabs their heads with both hands. It must be said that Sevilla’s defense is already hopeless. Robin Dias took the opportunity to place fourth.

DONETSK does the show!

Leipzig 1-4 Donetsk

The whole Leipzig defense behind this block, Modric in an armchair to cross to Traore. The parking lot dotted with Ukrainian flags can cheer you up.

Real ruthless!

Celtic 0-3 Real Madrid

0-3 The outside is really bad. But for Eden Hazard to score…

Donetsk will win in Leipzig!

Leipzig 1-3 Donetsk

The Ukrainians made 3 shots on goal and scored all of them. This counterattack was fantastic, concluding with a head-to-head encounter on arrival that Modric didn’t miss.


Sevilla 0-3 Manchester City

Not the type to miss the show of the ball that Bono pushed back. Target 25 in C1 for someone who sometimes compares to a cyborg (actually all the time).

Modric from abroad!

Celtic 0-2 Real Madrid

It’s almost pleonasm, isn’t it? Even the Croatian seems to be putting himself in front of this option only to double the bet.

Five goals in a race!

It’s like ketchup: it happens suddenly (to paraphrase Portuguese philosopher CR7). In detail: Simacan (Kokoriko) Leipzig tied against Donetsk (1-1), Foden allows City to break in Seville (0-2), Vinicius and Real open the scoring at Celtic Park (0-1), Benfica doubles bet against Haifa (2-0). ) … Donetsk came back in the lead in the wake of Leipzig (1-2). F (i) ou!

Juventus points reduction at Parc des Princes

2-1, cling to the little Italian thumb!

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Rafa Silva opens the score!

Benfica 1-0 Haifa

Small on the outside quietly cuts a tense centerpiece on Grimaldo’s first job. This is indirectly related to the French clubs, since they are in the Paris Saint-Germain group and we are always interested in the results of the Portuguese clubs for the UEFA Index.

Bono wins his duel with De Bruyne

Sevilla 0-1 Manchester City

The Belgian arrived, however, firing the full pivot and his shot from the left well positioned. But the Moroccan goalkeeper quickly drops to the ground and allows Sevilla to always believe in him.

here we go again !

At least in Seville, where City held 61% and made 9 shots (against 2 for the hosts) in the first half.

It’s an all-terrain hangout!

Here are the results without big goals so far.

Group E

Salzburg 1-1 Milan

Zagreb 1-0 Chelsea (Finished)

F . group

Celtic 0-0 Real Madrid

Leipzig 0-1 Donetsk

Group G

Sevilla 0-1 Manchester City

Dortmund 3-0 Copenhagen (Finished)

group h

Paris Saint-Germain 2-0 Juventus

Benfica 0-0 Haifa

A little information about Haaland

We get a minimum of it in every game. For the first evening: the fourth player to score in his debut in the Champions League with 3 different teams, after Morientes, Saviola and Ibrahimovic.

Milan is worth!

Salzburg 1-1 Milan

Saelemaekers and his character name for Gaston Lagaffe were greeted by a tense ground-level cross from Leao, who made the right decision on arrival despite being fired.

Benzema out through injury

Celtic 0-0 Real Madrid

Ouch, we’re necessarily worried when we see Nouvelle come back into the locker room holding his knee…

Milan surprised by Salzburg!

Salzburg 1-0 Milan

Okafor celebrates after a great job. Little physical tricks to take Calolo down, then shoot it between Mignan’s legs from a tight angle: the goal is beautiful, even if it’s tough for the French.

2-0 to Paris…

The Neymar-Mbappé duo has already wiped out the match, two times the second.

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Real save function!

A big hit from Celtic shakes the amount. It’s still 0-0, which is a bit of a miracle considering Courtois was stuck.

HAALAND opens its C1 counter with Manchester City!

Sevilla 0-1 City

He has already scored 73 goals in 5 Premier League matches (concrete), but this is his first time in the Champions League. She enters the far post to push a De Bruyne cross back. If this duo start finding each other…

The first goal of the multiplex!

Thanks Gulacsi! The Hungarian goalkeeper, far from his goals, is undoubtedly better with his hands than his feet. He loses the ball and only Donetsk has to open the scoring against Leipzig. You will hear your uncle is tired of goalkeepers wanting to up the ante!

I promise, we’ll end up getting a goal

The only match recorded from 9pm so far is the only match not in the multiplex…

Paris Saint-Germain opened the scoring!

Mbappe wasn’t late (unlike the French trains, haha ​​a little joke about current events, beware of your followers).

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Celtic pressured Real Madrid

In the warm weather of Glasgow, the Scots are the first to get the corner kicks (it smells like Vinicius’ goal in the 12th minute in the first half against Real Madrid).

Let’s go to this multiplier

You can also follow PSG and Juventus!

Celtic Park chant the Champions League anthem

It changes from some other stadiums…

Time to ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’

We are in Glasgow, in Celtic, who are hosting Real Madrid in a festive match.

As for the Liverpool version, we will have to wait until next week: the Reds host Ajax for the second day.

The matches that will follow at 9 pm in the Champions League

Group E:

Salzburg – Milan

Sixth group:

Celtic Real
Leipzig – Donetsk

Group G:

Seville – Manchester City

Group H:

Paris Saint-Germain – Juventus
Benfica – Maccabi Haifa

Blues arc from C1 entry against Zagreb!

Thomas Tuchel’s men fell into the trap of Dinamo Zagreb on Tuesday when they entered the Champions League. Orcic’s 13th-minute goal put the Hungarians ahead, and he didn’t give in until eight minutes of extra time at the end of the match.

Bellingham offers Dortmund 3-0 against Copenhagen!

In a new lightning counterattack, Jude Bellingham comes in to turn a display from Reyna on an impressive low cross. Borussia Dortmund is 3-0 ahead of Copenhagen.

Works by Salzburg – Milan (9 pm), with Giroud, Mainan and Hernandez

Salzburg: Kuhn, Ulmer, Fauber, Solette, Didek, Sielwald, Capaldo, Kigergaard, Cameri, Fernando, Okafor

AC Milan: Minyan, Calabria, Tomori, Kalolo, T. Hernandez, Benacer, Tonali, Liao, Sailemaker, De Kitlere, Giroud

The compositions of Celtic Real (9 pm), with Chuamini

Celtic: Hart, Carter Vickers, Jens, Juranovic, Tayor, Hattat, McGregor, O’Reilly, Jota, Giacomakis, Abada

Real: Courtois, Carvajal, Militao, Alaba, Mendy, Modric, Chuamini, Kroos, Valverde, Benzema, Vinicius.

City line-ups against Sevilla (21:00)

Manchester City: Ederson, Ruben Dias, Joao Cancelo, Akanji, Rodri, Grealish, De Bruyne, Bernardo Silva, Sergio Gomez, Foden, Haaland

Seville: Bono, Telles, Godelej, Rakitic, Nianzo, Navas, Delaney, Acuna, Isco, Gomez, Carmona

He led Chelsea in the first half, and Dortmund in the lead

Chelsea Blues, along with Aubameyang and Sterling, trail Dinamo Zagreb 1-0 after Orcic scored in the 13th minute.

For their part, Borussia Dortmund players took the break thanks to the goals of Rios and Guerrero and went 2-0 up against Copenhagen.

Rios and Guerrero put Dortmund in the foreground!

In the 35th minute, after a good counter-attack, German international Marco Reus managed to eliminate the central defender Favreau and finished from the left flank. Seven minutes later, Rafael Guerrero rested for Dortmund.

Dinamo Zagreb opens the scoring against Chelsea!

The goal was signed by Mislav Orcic! In a counter-flash and after a 50m dash, Croatian striker Kepa tricks a small, smudged ball!

Dortmund – Copenhagen (0-0): Humble, very close to the goal!

In a superb incursion from Julian Brandt on the right side, German winger Anthony Modeste sent to the penalty spot perfectly. In a bad position, the French striker misses his recovery to the right and the ball slips right next to the Copenhagen goal. It’s still 0-0 after ten minutes of play.

Let’s go to the 6:45 PM matches

It’s Zagreb’s match for the Dynamo vs Chelsea match! Ditto in Dortmund, between Borussia and Copenhagen.

Dortmund – Copenhagen: Copenhagen formation

Ryan, Dix, Khocholava, Favreau, Christiansen, Lirager, Falk, Clayson, Zika, Darami, Cornelius

Dortmund – Copenhagen: The formation of Dortmund

Meyer, Meunier, Soleil, Schlutterbeek, Guerrero, Ozkan, Bellingham, Brandt, T Hazard, Rios, Modest

Dinamo Zagreb – Chelsea: The formation of the Croats

Levakovic, Mahrami, Sutalo, Brick, Mesic, Ivanosic, Adeyemi, Ristovsky, Ljubic, Petkovic, Orsic

Dinamo Zagreb-Chelsea: Blues formation, with Aubameyang

After being assaulted at his home less than a week ago, Aubameyang will play his first minute for Chelsea. Fofana is also a start.

Kepa, Azpilicueta, Fofana, Coulibaly, James, Mount, Kovacic, Chilwell, Havertz, Aubameyang, Sterling

Good morning all

Welcome to the RMC Sport website to follow this first day of the UEFA Champions League. In addition to PSG and Juventus (to continue here), there will be seven matches tonight:

6:45 pm

Dinamo Zagreb – Chelsea

Dortmund – Copenhagen


Benfica – Maccabi Haifa

Celtic – Real Madrid

Seville – Manchester City

Leipzig Shakhtar

Salzburg – Milan

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