Live broadcast - Croatia - Belgium: The Belgians are about to be eliminated, and Morocco is about 8

Live broadcast – Croatia – Belgium: The Belgians are about to be eliminated, and Morocco is about 8


they change

they change

87 ‘

🔄 Change for Belgium: E. Hazard replaces Meunier.

87 ‘

Guardiola is very close to scoring against his camp!

85 ‘

The Red Devils are now camped near the Croatian area.

83 ‘

Roberto Martinez will throw his last forces into battle. The Belgian coach gives instructions to Eden Hazard.

81 ‘

Yuranović misses her completely! Switched to the right, the right side of Vatterini chooses centre-back. All of his partners dived toward the near post.

79 ‘

The Red Devils are on the brink of the end of the game.

77 ‘

Starting from the center circle, Perisic led the attack at Courtois’ goal. The Tottenham striker is slow to choose between passing and shooting. He is caught in extreme condition by Vertonghen.

76 ‘

We exchange weak and strong blows in this part. The frenzy of the final minutes gave way to a false rhythm.

74 ‘

Tensions began at Ahmed Bin Ali Stadium.

they change

they change

72 ‘

🔄 Change for Belgium: Dendoncker gives way to Tielemans in the last half hour.

they change

they change

72 ‘

🔄 Change for Belgium: Dooku replaces Carrasco.


📺 Check out Romelu Lukaku’s shot against the post.

68 ‘

Courtois wins ahead of Modric! A new trip from the Belgian goalkeeper on a light half-volley goal from the captain of the Croatian national team. Keeps Belgium in the game.

group in group F.

Morocco and Croatia are de facto qualified, and Belgium is eliminated. 30 minutes left to play.

Morocco – 7 points

Croatia – 5 points

Belgium – 4 points

Canada – 0 points

66 ‘

📙 Dendoncker yellow card for a foul by Kovacic.

65 ‘

Fattini build their actions well. However, he lacks accuracy on the last pass or time of the strike.

they change

they change

64 ‘

🔄 Change for Croatia: Kramaric leaves, Pasalik entry.

they change

they change

64 ‘

🔄 Change to Croatia: Petkovic replaces Livaja.


📺 Check out Thibaut Courtois’ trio.

61 ‘

Levakovic and beyond disgust the Belgians! After being warned by De Bruyne, Carrasco enters the Croatian Zone. Defense resists, but loses a duel with Levakovic. The ball returns to Lukaku, who sends a right-to-right mine upright.

they change

they change

59 ‘

🔄 Change for Belgium: Trossard leaves, T. Hazard enters.

57 ‘

Sosa removes his cross from the left…

55 ‘

Polite, again and again! Modric, in turn, warms up the Red Devils’ janitor’s gloves. Madrid duel 100% turns in favor of the goalkeeper.

54 ‘

Witty parade from Courtois! In the pivot, Brozoric finds an interesting shot window. He fired a shot that the Real Madrid goalkeeper deflected to the ground. It is unsinkable.

51 ‘

Lukaku this time in the role of passing by De Bruyne, who finds him withdrawn near the roof. The Manchester City midfielder flies into the stands.

50 ‘

Courtois saves Belgium! On the Croatian counter, Gvardiol replaces Kovacic. The Chelsea midfielder sent a powerful shot into the entrance to the roof, slightly to the left. Courtois steps in, with a nice deftness with his left hand.

49 ‘

Lukaku shoots the first shot in the match! Alone on the right side, De Bruyne insisted on positioning in the far corner towards the Inter Milan striker. The Belgian number 9 puts his head down. Levakovic catches it on the floor.

48 ‘

De Bruyne escapes from the right lane. The Belgian captain crosses, heading for Lukaku. Guardiol clears a corner.

47 ‘

📊 Goal #100 that we will never forget.

they change

they change

46 ‘

🔄 Change to Belgium: Lukaku replaces Mertens.



46 ‘

⏰ Once again at Ahmed Bin Ali Stadium! Moved in the second half on the Belgian side. Enter Romelu Lukaku. To the game!


📺 Check out Nayef Aguirre’s mistake during Canada and Morocco.

half the time

half the time

45′ + 4

⏰ It’s halftime at Ahmed Bin Ali Stadium! The Red Devils are virtually eliminated. In the face of the Croats, the most daring and dangerous thing, Belgium no longer had a choice. Especially since Morocco, which leads 2-1 against Canada, occupies first place in the group.

45′ + 4

Perisic misses his head!

45′ + 2

Belgium will have to wake up, however, if they are to have a chance to fight for a place in eighth place. At the moment, the Red Devils, who reached the semi-finals of the last World Cup, are eliminated.

45′ + 1

We may be witnessing one of the worst matches in the World Cup…

45 ‘

⌚ Extra time: 4 minutes minimum.

44 ‘

After right, left. De Bruyne is found along the sideline, freeing himself from opposing signs. He delivers a powerful center … which no one finds in the Croatian six metres.

42 ‘

Dendoncker looks like the revolution of the Belgians. Take off on the right side, and cross hard. His pass, which Lovren blocked, flies in front of Levakovic’s goal. None of his associates followed him.

group in group F.

Canada lowers the score against Morocco. In the 40th minute, Naif Ajord headed Sam Adekogbé’s cross into his own net. The Atlas Lions, who are still roughly qualified, only lead 2-1.

Morocco – 7 points

Croatia – 5 points

Belgium – 4 points

Canada – 0 points


📊 We play in the 40th minute and there was no shot on goal yet. The Belgians shot four times, the Croats three times.

38 ‘

Gvardiol physically fights back at Trossard. Vaterini revived.

37 ‘

The return of savings pericic! Stepping back to help his partners, Trossard’s pass to De Bruyne was intercepted by the Tottenham forward with a sliding tackle.


📺 Review of Youssef Al-Nusairi’s goal during the Canada-Morocco match.

35 ‘

Carrasco and then Meunier delivered two centers on the Croatian roof. The ball is returned each time by the back guard. It lacks Belgian influence in the field of fact.

33 ‘

The checkered selection plays soccer softly. Livaja pops in between Castagne and Vertonghen to head in a cross from Sosa coming in from the left. Fattini striker does not catch Courtois’ frame.

32 ‘

Meunier and Dendoncker team up to come and steal the ball from Modric… who gets away with getting on the touchline.

30 ‘

The Red Devils fail to set the pace. Play stops and no one makes a call for the ball.

28 ‘

📊 The 22 players who started this encounter are 30 years and 142 days old on average, the second-oldest match sheet in a World Cup match since 1962, after Argentina and Iceland on June 16, 2018 (30 years and 198 days).

26 ‘

The Red Devils suffered against Croatia. Meunier, in a duel with Perisić, concedes a corner and battles his forces.

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