His investment, his relationship with Neymar and Galtier ... Reasons for Messi's good season - PSG channel supporters 7-7

His investment, his relationship with Neymar and Galtier … Reasons for Messi’s good season – PSG channel supporters 7-7

After a complicated first season with the Paris Saint-Germain shirt, Lionel Messi has come to life again since the start of the 2022-2023 financial year. Many reasons explain this radical change of face.

With 11 goals and 12 assists this season, Lionel Messi It is one of the offensive weapons Paris Saint-Germain next to Kylian Mbappe And the Neymar Jr. In a freer role than last season, Bolga He radiates on the field and is sharper in his gestures and dribbling. Above all, the 35-year-old Argentine appears to have found his balance both on and off the field. the sevenfold The golden ball He opens up more and more about his other teammates, which can be explained in particular by the departure of his countrymen Angel Di Maria And the Leandro ParedesAs mentioned the team. above all, Lionel Messi “He is also more involved in the decisions of the coach and the coaching staff who often seek the opinion of the best elements.” Even if he is not a big fan of speeches, the Argentine international manages to convey certain messages, without raising his voice. “But rather through one-on-one conversations with employees, colleagues or management.”

from his side, Christoph Galtier It was a pleasant surprise before Lionel Messi Especially through his sessions or even his tactical knowledge during discussions. The former Barcelona player appreciates direct contact from the French technician. When the Argentine walked out during the match at the start of the season, without understanding why, the 56-year-old didn’t wait before explaining his choice of player. “The coach has been very keen on the happiness of the players since his arrival and with him MessiEven without talking to himself, he could tell whether he agreed with the decision or not.”trusts a close friend of the Parisian group.

Messi invested more in the life of the group

Another reason for the beautiful season Lionel Messi he is called Neymar Jr. after authentication F.C.B, the South Americans are totally down to earth. And if the Brazilian agrees to put in a lot of effort, it’s because he knows the Argentine is standing in front of him. “Both players have a special connection. They are two young people who support each other. But Leo is also close to other players like ferrattiAnd the NavasAnd the Donnarumma And even new like Carlos Soler where Fabian Ruiz », we explain to the club. So everyone agrees on that Lionel Messi He has a very calm personality but remains a very strong competitor. Evidence of a better adaptation, he does not hesitate to discuss with his partners and give his opinion during training. In addition, he continues to learn French and “It is not uncommon to interchange in a language Moliere with his childrenreports The.

but, Lionel Messi He is nearing the end of his contract next June (he still has an optional year on his contract) and he will soon have to make a decision about his future. from his side, Luis Campos Argentinian extension works. Since his arrival, the sports advisor to the Association Paris Saint-Germain gained confidence Messi. In a three-way chat with Christoph Galtier And the Luis Campos during the tour JapanAnd the Bolga a favour “That his first season wasn’t what he was hoping for, that adapting wasn’t easy but he didn’t want to leave Paris Saint-Germain without a big cupDaily Sports Reports. The word pleased the management. Thus, Luis Campos And the Nasser Al-Khelaifi Searching for the best financial solutions to extend the player’s contract. If a Rosario citizen wants to take the time to decide his future, the Portuguese tries to convince him Lionel Messi To sign a new lease agreement before world Cup to me Qatar.

Messi has Cristiano Ronaldo’s records in sight

from his side, Parisian Lists searchable records Lionel Messi in Champions League. The second best scorer in the competition, the Argentine has been fighting for fifteen years with his opponent, Cristiano Ronaldo. With 140 goals in 183 matches, the Portuguese dominates the scorers’ standings in C1, but his lack of participation this season could prove fatal for him. Indeed, the difference is gradually narrowing and the Argentine now finds himself only 11 goals from this record (129 goals in 160 matches). In addition, the playmaker has a better ratio than the current player Manchester United With 0.81 goals per game Champions League against 0.77 for Ronaldo. In assists radius, seven times The golden ball He is very close to taking the throne Cristiano Ronaldo. With 39 bids in competition, the Argentine is three lengths away from the Portuguese record (42).

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