SAM at Aveyron: After MH Industries Withdraws from Project, Carol Delga Emphasizes Her "Design"

SAM at Aveyron: After MH Industries Withdraws from Project, Carol Delga Emphasizes Her “Design”

A new episode in the economic series from the former SAM website in Viviz, Aveyron. Lot-based SME MH Industries, which was planning to acquire the bankrupt smelter, withdrew its venture. The employees again find themselves without a solution. The president of the province, Carol Delga, expressed her anger and noted that her mobilization for the province remained “the same”.

This is a new blow for SAM aluminum foundry, which has been in forced liquidation since last September. Its employees learned Monday, July 18, that Lotoise SME MH Industries, which wanted to acquire Aveyron, was pulling its project. “Despite the significant progress made in several aspects and in particular with regard to the relevance of the technical-economic model in the medium term, two main points still impedesaid Matthew Headey, president of MH Industries. We were unsuccessful in persuading the Renault group to help start the project; Furthermore, we also failed to secure the overall funding for the project. Finally, the international situation has changed and its impact on energy prices in particular. Therefore, today the MH Industries group is forced to confirm the abandonment of this project.. A project supported by the Occitanie region by mobilizing 1.2 million euros to carry out the studies of the acquisition and financial consolidation of the group. An announcement that made District President Carol Delga react.

The anger and determination of President Carol Delga

“We were all afraid of this scenario but never gave up, collectively. I share their anger, but I want to tell them that my moves for the future of the Diazville Basin remain sound,” Carol Delga responded in a press release. In a press release, I invested in this file .

The head of the district points to two people responsible for this failure to take charge: “I regret that this project could not succeed due to the lack of commitment of two key partners: Renault and the state. The main shareholders, who completely withdrew from the industrial project of Viviez and never made a clear offer that would allow the emergence of a foundry Under calm conditions; this is notwithstanding that MH Industries has pledged not to extend the commercial link with Renault beyond five years with the competition being offered on a turnover of only eight million per year.”

The state is determined by the elected regional official. “The central state has not fully played its part! In a situation like that of SAM, only volunteering pays off. In Châteauroux, the state was able to convince Renault and the Automobile Industry Modernization Fund that it is incomprehensible that the head of state should be proud on Tuesday, July 12, in Isère, that you ‘put an end to the slow de-industrialization of France’ when, in Aveyron, the activity of industrial sovereignty, which is essential to the future of our companies and the country, can be supported and encouraged. Everyone must assume their responsibilities” addressed Carol Delga.

It reiterated its “determination” to “remain inclusive”. “The Occitanie region will not let you down, and I will continue to fight for you and for the future of our children,” the elected regional official emphasized. Of the 333 employees laid off, half have yet to find a solution or a new job.

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