Kate and William in Ibiza: A cruel reworking of the Duchess of Cambridge while on vacation with friends

Kate and William in Ibiza: A cruel reworking of the Duchess of Cambridge while on vacation with friends

Kate Middleton may be a quiet woman, but she may also lose her temper. In 2006, during a trip to Ibiza, the Duchess of Cambridge pulled Prince William’s bras.

The Cambridge fairy tale wasn’t always full of gloss. But between Kate Middleton and Prince William, it all began as in the books. The two met by chance or fate at the benches of the University of St Andrews in Scotland, where they had followed a course in art history. “I turned really bright red when I met you and was so ashamed about knowing you, She said in 2010, in an interview given after her engagement. William wasn’t around long at first, and he wasn’t around during Fresher Week, so we took some time to do the knowledge. “Between the future King of England and the unknown student, a friendship quickly developed during the first semester of classes.

“When I first met Kate, I knew she had something very special, Prince William said years later. I knew there was probably something I wanted to explore there.” However, at first, neither one nor the other imagined entering into a relationship. But everything changed one fall night, when Kate Middleton wowed Prince William when she paraded in lingerie for a charity event. “Wow, Fergus, Kate is hot!”He was going to divorce Prince Charles and Lady Diana’s son to a friend. But at that time, the Duke of Cambridge had not tried his luck. He preferred waiting to move in with Kate Middleton and a couple of their friends to try and get her attention…but above all she has her taste buds! “I was trying to cook this wonderful dinner,” He would later trust Prince William.

Kate and William: This photo they regret

“Except I was always burning something or something was overflowing…” , The Duke of Cambridge, who has many qualities but not Cordon Bleu, joked. Young man’s trick anyway seduced Kate Middleton and the couple’s son into the biggest surprise of their roommates. “I think at first they were a bit surprised that this happened.Prince William admitted. Then they realized it was really cool.” During the first months of their relationship, the lovebirds managed to contain the rumors in the premises of St. Andrews. But everything changed in 2004, when the two lovers were captured skiing together in the Swiss Alps. Kate Middleton, then a young girl among many others, was propelled overnight into the spotlight and onto the front page of tabloids.

As is often the case, newspapers weren’t kind to this newcomer inside the crown. The aristocratic past of Kate Middleton is marked. They were calling his family “middle class middle class” They mocked the work of Kate Middleton, then a buyer of the Jigsaw clothing chain. She only dreams of a normal life far from the spotlight like his mother-in-lawI tried everything as unnoticed as possible. But it’s hard to be undercover in Ibiza, especially when you’re one of the hottest couples right now. In 2006, lovers accompanied by Pippa and James, Kate’s sister, brother and close friend of William, took a few days of vacation on the Spanish island. Free from anxiety, the gang went to one of the most famous clubs in the world: the Pasha. On site, they enjoyed a musical set by Erick Morillo, the legendary DJ to whom we especially owe I Like To Move It, who passed away at the age of 49 in 2020.

Kate and William: Why have they been separated for a few months?

“Interestingly, among the tight-knit royal clique visiting clubs with increasing regularity, Kate Middleton may have been more aware of the bad impression they were making.”author and host Vicki Ward wrote in 2008. Prince William, along with his friend, Jay Bailey, inherited a derisive nickname, the “court jester”. So when the two young men rode a scooter to tour Ibiza in a nice weather, Kate Middleton lost her cool. I went out of the house they were renting, and asked them, like a nanny, to stop: ‘Anyone can watch! Get out the back and stop acting like a kid! “cursed the young lady, much more responsibility than her boyfriend. Media pressure, and Prince William’s taste for debauchery, pushed the girl to its limits.

In 2007, the couple broke up. The 24-year-old prince celebrated his celibacy by standing at a pub table where he shouted at the top of his voice: “I’m free !” During April and May 2007, Kate Middleton doubled down on holiday evenings in the company of her sister Pippa, who meanwhile became her roommate. “She always put William first and thought it was an opportunity to do something for herself.”, relatives of a relative of the Duchess of the Daily Mail. But the split did not last long since Prince William and Kate Middleton put their differences aside in June 2007 to give themselves a new chance. “At the time, I wasn’t very happy about this breakup, but in fact, it made me stronger,” She later captured Kate Middleton. Yes stronger, but also more intense with a mate. For their story to finally work, there was no longer any question about his response to the party’s siren, or else his suspenders would be pulled..

Kate and William, their love is stronger than anything else

Out of love and out of respect for his royal rank, Prince William listened to Kate Middleton. The rest, we all know. In November 2010, after years of a rocky relationship, the two announced their engagement and the bride wore a symbolic ring on her ring finger, a luxurious white diamond sapphire that belonged to Mrs. D. Their wedding took place before the eyes of a billion curious people and all members of the royal family, on April 29, 2011 in the emblematic Westminster Abbey.. Since then, the former art history students have welcomed three children: Prince George, born July 22, 2013, Princess Charlotte, born May 2, 2015, and Prince Louis born April 23, 2018. After more than ten years of their marriage, Kate and William form a couple Two powerful men whose complicity would be glad to see them, preparing to take the throne of England.

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