The horror cult license is finally back! Why does Silent Hill live an event?
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The horror cult license is finally back! Why does Silent Hill live an event?

game news The horror cult license is finally back! Why does Silent Hill live an event?

A hope in vain for years, the possibility of a Silent Hill sequel seems more likely than ever as Silent Hill Transmission approaches. Before finding out what Konami has in store for us, we explain why players should expect so much news from Silent Hill.

All it took was a tweet to revive a dying hope after seeing the Silent Hill series return to center stage one day. Since the abandonment of Silent Hills, horror game fans have been in mourning. And as they began to come to their senses, weary of hope in vain for the resurrection, the rumors became more pressing and dangerous. “Silent Hill Playable Concept: Sakura” Leaked, Silent Hill: The Short Message appeared on the official website of the South Korean rating agency, director Christoph Gans revealed… Arcade noises intensified until Konami finally drew an official announcement: The future of the Silent Hill license will be presented during Dedicated conference on Wednesday, October 19th at 11pm (French time). For fans of the horror license and the video game world in general, this is a real event. But if you missed this phenomenon, you probably don’t understand why this big comeback is causing so much talk. So it’s time to get back into the Silent Hill license aura and answer that question you might be asking yourself: Why wait for this sequel?


  • A new kind of horror game
  • The phenomenon of PT / Silent Hills
  • Remake, the return of the historic team…

A new kind of horror game

Let’s go back in time to the nineties. The horror game sector has already undergone an intense revolution with the first Resident Evil game. The title not only offered a new vision of horror and shaped survival horror as we know it, but was also a huge commercial success. It’s no surprise that many Resident Evil-likes are in development all over the world. Even Konami, then famous for Metal Gear and Castlevania in particular, got into it. But the Japanese fund does not want to content itself with reproducing the Capcom formula. The studio also wants to change the face of horror games with a new approach: psychological horror.

The horror cult license is finally back!  Why does Silent Hill live an event?

If today’s slew of horror titles decided to make the human psyche their playground, Silent Hill was the first to do so…and did it so well, what’s more. Playing on the technical frontiers of time, Team Silent knew how to create a haunting and disturbing atmosphere from start to finish. Add to that a scenario that combines a search for a father to find his daughter with a mysterious intrigue and you have a terrifying experience that has spoiled the hair of many players. But with Silent Hill 2, released in 2001, Konami will truly make history.

The horror cult license is finally back!  Why does Silent Hill live an event?

In this new spin-off, Team Silent has decided to set aside the cult of the first episode to focus on the James Sunderland story. Right from the start, the script puts us in the pool of questions that will form the trunk of Silent Hill 2: James received a letter from his wife inviting him to join her in Silent Hill. But there is a catch! His wife is already dead. How can this message exist? What awaits James in Silent Hill? Why did he find an interesting clone of his wife there? The more we advance in the game, the more questions will arise until the final reveal that reveals to us It is his demons (including the famous Top of the Pyramid) that James encounters in Silent Hill. Not only did City play with James’ brains, but with ours as well, delivering an unforgettable and unparalleled gaming experience. Even today, despite many very good games that exploit psychological horror, Silent Hill 2 is a benchmark for this genre… before the arrival of Silent Hills.

The phenomenon of PT / Silent Hills

After pitching Silent Hill 2, the license struggles to bounce back. The following figures struggle to make the comparison until they sadly sink into pettiness, or worse yet, mediocre. So much so that the name Silent Hill is gradually losing its luster. Some games even go so far as to forgo the initial licensing gameplay, much to the chagrin of fans still hoping for a great final horror game on Silent Hill. In 2014, their prayers were finally heard with PT

So it’s a weird demo that’s appearing on PS4. It offers a first-person adventure in a haunted house where you have to solve puzzles to move forward. Once we reach the end of the lane, we learn that what has just been presented to us is a demo of the upcoming Silent Hill game, Silent Hills, directed by the famous Hideo Kojima, but also master of horror Junji Ito and director Guillermo del Toro. He’s not the only movie nickname since Norman Reedus then gave his face to the game’s hero.

The horror cult license is finally back!  Why does Silent Hill live an event?

On paper, the cast is pretty good. But the controller at hand is that PT really managed to check all the boxes. The atmosphere of the game along with its unique gameplay makes this short experience a pure moment of anguish and horror. So for many, This simple show is the best horror game ever, That’s just. Drenched in a nightmare from which you cannot escape, you have no choice: you must face your fears. Add to this a sound design that is as scary as possible, a ghost that constantly follows us without us being able to see it and a gameplay that looks simple yet very effective and you’ll get The myth of the PT, which only bodes well for the future.

Yes but for now, PT will stop there. After the disagreements between Konami and Kojima, the promising Silent Hills will never see the light of day. This gave PT an even greater aura. In the end, fans of Silent Hill and horror games clung to PT, the game it should have been, hoping to see that damn title one day (given the adventures it knew) today. After this phenomenon, the enthusiasm around licensing continued to increase. After getting a glimpse of what the new Silent Hill could be, fans are looking forward to it more than ever. This is why the gaming world is so eager to learn more about the future of Silent Hill: He hopes to find the game that was promised and then plunder it. So you understand the excitement he felt after Konami’s announcement. Especially since little can be guessed at making you want to.

Remake, the return of the historic team…

First there are rumors. She’s been talking for a while From a casual game by Annapurna Interactive (Remaining Edith Finch, Stray) while Bloober’s (Blair Witch, The Medium) team would have been recalculated on Remake of the famous Silent Hill 2 And the Brand new title It will be in the chests in a Japanese studio. A busy program that can delight the masses if it is verified. Especially since whoever says conference, usually says several announcements. So the theory that many Silent Hill games are in development still stands. But Konami can also take the opportunity to talk about the movie in preparation for it Christoph Ganz revealed exclusively at JV.

If we go back to the games side, the retweet of some players on the field also gives us some interesting pointers. Composer Akira Yamaoka (Silent Hill, Silent Hill 2) shared the announcement on his Instagram, while Masahiro Ito, Silent Hill’s historical artistic director, retweeted it on Twitter. It doesn’t take many fans to say that the two men will be working on at least one of the announced titles. Then there is Elijah Wood. actor Lord of the rings He retweeted the announcement on his Twitter account with a few emojis indicating that he knew what he was up to. Either the guy loaned his face to a new game, or his production company, behind the interesting Transference, is a little surprise to us. Thus a potential Silent Hill game could appear in VR. Between aura and anticipation and all the possibilities of licensing, the excitement about the next Silent Hill Transmission is largely understandable.

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