After 69 years together, a retirement home commits the worst with a retired couple

After 69 years together, a retirement home commits the worst with a retired couple

Some people are lucky enough to meet their soul mate. They are sure of it, and they will spend their whole life with this beloved. If today one of the two marriages ended in divorce, then there are still people who love each other for life and do not want to break up. This is the case of Audrey and Elder Godin, who have been married for 69 years. And above all, they love each other like the first day. Unfortunately, while they were preparing to celebrate Christmas, they broke up.

A couple broke up in love for the first time

From the day they met, Audrey and Herbert have made a sweet promise, never to be apart. They spend their whole lives together. There are arguments, of course. Going up, like going down. Moments of doubt, misfortune. But also the moments of happiness are so intense that they remember them with eyes full of tears. While they are 89 years old for the lady and 91 years old for the master, they live in a nursing home. It is impossible for them to remain completely independent at home, a retirement home was chosen. But it is clear that they chose a double room. Remember the promise: Even in old age, there is no room for separation.

But with age, Herbert’s health worsened. He suffers from dementia. However, the resources of the nursing home are not enough to treat him as well as possible. A decision was issued to transfer him to another institution specialized in the field of cognitive disability. without his wife. So Herbert must leave the nursing home and leave behind his soul mate he never left.

The couple are separated just before the Christmas holidays

The news has been falling badly since December, a few days before the Christmas holidays, when the couple learned of their impending separation. They do not understand and refuse. They have not left each other for seven decades. It is unthinkable that they would accept such a decision without doing anything. Their daughter accompanies them in this battle. She does not understand and accuses the pensioners of coldness and indifference. She simply asked for her father to be moved after the Christmas holidays. But this request was refused.

Audrey cries when she learns that she will be spending the year-end celebrations without the man of her life. The two lovers say it’s the worst birthday of their lives. But the person in charge of the center claims that he had no choice, and that this decision was not taken lightly: in fact, she points out that “ At this point, I have to follow the rules and regulations set by the government.” And the “It is illegal for me not to follow these rules.”.

Are Audrey and Herbert reunited for the Christmas holidays?

The couple’s daughter finally admitted that the retirement home follows the rules. But she would have liked the decision to be announced with more sensitivity. She finds it hard to forget her parents’ grief. Then she vowed to herself that she would do everything so that her parents could spend the vacation together.. It is out of the question for her to see them as unhappy as stones, each on their side. And it succeeded! In fact, the two lovers managed to reunite during the festive period. And when you know how important morale is to being in good health, you can imagine that Herbert felt a lot better.

From now on, the daughter of the spouses above all wishes to be reunited forever, in the same institution. She doesn’t want them to break up. She wants them to spend their last days together, as they always promised each other. This story reminds us that true love exists. It’s not easy. that we have to fight. Conclusion, it is a battle worth fighting.

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