Everything Everywhere at Once: A Review in the True Multiverse of Madness

Everything Everywhere at Once: A Review in the True Multiverse of Madness

tax and dragon

Evelyn Wang starts her day very badly at the family laundry. Her husband Waymond contemplates a divorce, his daughter resents him for not accepting his girlfriend, and her father visits the United States with his baggage all the blame he can put on his child’s face. Hagar.

However, in the end, all of this is just one small thing in the face of the tax adjustment that awaits heroin. What Evelyn doesn’t know yet is that her access to the cold and impersonal offices of tax inspectors will become Breakout scene in the multiverse. Yes, that same multiverse that pop culture uses to justify just about everything and just about anything, and the crushing metaphysical impulses of Rick and Morty For Marvel’s infinite scenario “reset” possibilities.

Everything everywhere at once: photosDo you hear me, yo?

necessarily, Everything everywhere at once It may seem telepathic, even pushy, in his way of combining drama, the American penchant for Sundance, and narrative power with style. The film’s sudden card across the Atlantic – enjoyed by word of mouth too scarce to underline – leaves one wondering. do we face A true contemporary phenomenon that comes out of the nails (All the fun at a time when theaters are struggling to recover from Covid) Or a simple stroke of marketing genius?

Fortunately, the feature film directed by Daniel Scheinert and Daniel Kwan (aka Daniels) quickly turned the balance in favor of the first option. Despite the staggering number of rules and concepts that allow Evelyn to call copies of herself in alternate dimensions, the directive binary (who actually takes command of the swiss army man) strives to maintain proficiency in revealing her narrative, so that the viewer is never lost in avalanches of destitute technical nonsense.

Fortunately, moreover, for the rest, Everything everywhere at once He does not give gifts. Thousands of thoughts follow each other every minute, from spotting montages to an absurd replica running through a comic gag, all within images that never cease to change format. It would be criminal to say too much about the ins and outs of it all, let’s just say kung fu rubs shoulders with, among other things, an existential sci-fi movie and…sausage-toed humans. The result can be stressful. On the contrary, it couldn’t be more cheerful.

Photo by Michelle Yeoh“I have no friends. I have a family” – Dominic Toretto

multi vitamins

In the big screen, we rather appreciate it Doctor Strange in a multiverse of madnessHowever, we must admit that Sam Raimi’s movie disappoints once he tries to get to the core of his concept. Far from the solo sequences trying out the funny ideas, for the rest we have a clean future where you have to cross at the red light (crazy!).

In the face of so much apathy, Daniels’ feature film can only cause you to swoon by comparison. In a continuation of one unique action, the filmmakers envelop entire worlds, moving from one universe to the next through games of combinations and transitions that reveal the generosity of the project.

Michelle Yeoh, Jamie Lee Curtisfingers in worship

Whether he’s enjoying a parody of cartoon classics or presenting the most entertaining martial arts scenes in modern American cinema, Everything everywhere at once takes shapeCultural Pop Dryers always respect their models. The shock reminds us of the shock caused by the Wachowskis creativity during the first matrix, Perhaps this is no accident. While the most improbable actions help her communicate with other universes, Evelyn finds how her original world is nothing but an overly normative reality, especially when she tries to pull herself out of offices like the ones in which Mr. Anderson worked.

However, the feature film can also be compared to a more recent work, namely Three thousand years are waiting for you by George Miller. Either way, the insatiable appetite for clashing fantasy universes paradoxically refers to a scheme of the Seventh Art, and to Back to its basic principles. What is important is the association between two images to create movement, and two planes to give meaning to this movement, in the midst of this universal nonsense of life.

Everything everywhere at once: photosthe world is stone

These underpinnings turn out to be essential to the film’s overall structure that ultimately leaves nothing to chance. whether Everything everywhere at once He can delight with his crazy nature (which is the case in very rare moments), He never forgets that he serves a strong emotional heart, which is constantly redistributing cards. In the great existential void of the multiverse, Daniels always clings to their characters, even the most third-order characters, to fulfill their desires, sorrows, and disappointments.

Every shot in the universe leads to a reverse shot, exploring a blind spot and turning every frequent lapse into an overwhelming catharsis. Even when it comes to using the impressive cup as an anal plug, The film deals with its absurdities in the first place useful. The humanity he captures becomes even more amazing in its universality, which in turn evokes family resentment, depression, and what has not been said, and the need to express love is often muted.

pictureKe Huy Quan, absolutely gorgeous in all records

In the Mood for Love (and Kung Fu)

From there, it’s hard not to melt into the film’s meta-dimension, which offers its adorable cast the role of a lifetime, like vengeance on their vilification industry. While Ke Huy Quan (Waymond) has always been reduced to Half-MoonIndiana Jones 2He’s more charismatic than ever as a fluffy husband or bleak man straight out of the Wong Kar-Wai movie.

but sure, Everything everywhere at once Before everything A declaration of love for Michelle YeohThanks to the camera that never stops improving the quality of his game and his fighting skills, which are still impressive as ever. an actress tiger and dragon Suddenly it becomes more, and embodies through Daniels’ delirium a euphemism for Hong Kong cinema in the past.

Photo Li Jing and Michelle Yeohmount saint michel

Here again, we’re thinking about the early adventures of Neo, but with a sweeter and more bitter side, which evokes the swan song of a certain idea of ​​cinema. If Evelyn goes back to the source of what she is, that’s generally the feature film approach. He seeks to close the loop around his supporters, so much so that he uses the shape of the circle as a repeating element, from the drum of washing machines to a particular candy cake.

Everything everywhere at once He is more impressive and satisfying, because he always manages to land on his feet, like a miracle cat (or Schrödinger) who would have been thrown from the top of a skyscraper. His hyperactive energy isn’t just a ruse. This is perhaps the best way to include the feature film in a wild novelty thus far, where images relate and respond to one another like many swipes on a social network timeline. If the multiverse was really starting to get tired, Daniels might have signed one of the definitive works on the subject.

Everything everywhere at once: photos

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