PlayStation vs Xbox: The reasons for the new clash between the two giants
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PlayStation vs Xbox: The reasons for the new clash between the two giants

game news PlayStation vs Xbox: The reasons for the new clash between the two giants

Brazil has been the scene of the giants’ battle between Xbox and PlayStation for two weeks now. So what is this battle and why is it taking place in Brazil mid-August? It all starts with the announcement of the acquisition of Activision Blizzard from Xbox, news that apparently no longer exists to rival Sony… Here’s everything you need to know on the issue…


  • They are always two, the master and the apprentice…
  • When under attack, the Empire strikes back
  • I love you and neither do I
  • GamePass, the fork in Sony’s side
  • Tomorrow’s future

They are always two, the master and the apprentice…

Over the past six months, the video game market has changed dramatically. Xbox has relied heavily on GamePass for years. Meanwhile, PlayStation played the skeptic, before going along with its revamp with the release of PS Now 2022. Sony has been a leader for 25 years, and its place is now in jeopardy. To succeed in the subscription catalog market, it takes three things: a lot to negotiate contracts and add more and more games, a lot of servers to host content, and an attractive offer to players. In the first two points, Microsoft won. As for the show, Xbox puts all of its games in GamePass, which Sony can’t afford just yet. PlayStation still relies heavily on machine sales as its primary medium, and on the profitability of individual game releases. However, Sony can count on its exclusives, despite arriving at PS Plus with a slight delay. Where Sony is most annoyed right now is that Activision Blizzard is holding the goose that lays the golden egg: the Call of Duty license, and the studio is about to be bought up by rival Xbox. Playstation fears a big future exclusivity for Xbox, and embarks on a crusade to thwart these plans. off Brazil!

When under attack, the Empire strikes back

In January, Microsoft announced its intention to buy Activision Blizzard King for $69 billion. But before declaring victory, we must wait for the acquisition to be validated by several committees. Grabbing this size obviously takes time, and worries a lot of video game players, including Sony. The purpose of commissions is to ensure compliance with competition, before validating an acquisition. Brazil is a very important market for Game Pass, because consoles are very expensive there. The authority launched an investigation to collect testimonies from players in the sector and published the results. This is the perfect opportunity for Playstation to try and put the Xbox in the corner.

I love you and neither do I

So false compliments have been linked since the beginning of August. Sony says Microsoft is a great group, but getting Call of Duty would be a risk for others. Microsoft complements Sony’s exclusive offering by saying they’ll be fine, and even arguing that its catalog is still less attractive than that of Sony and Nintendo. Sony’s Spider-Man exclusivity is also marked, with the group also owning the rights to the film. Sony’s Response: Call of Duty is the biggest franchise of all time, and the equivalent of a gaming category in its own right, which makes the competition tough. On the other hand, Microsoft plays contempt for Activision Blizzard to reduce the size of its acquisition. In short, the two contenders are tonning one way or another to pull the lid on them.

GamePass, the fork in Sony’s side

The dramatic exchanges continue, but especially around GamePass as a profitable model. GamesPass considers itself an ideal weapon in terms of the current growth. He was already making a lot of money just in subscriptions and studio purchases, especially in Brazil. Microsoft has clear rhetoric, accused of being embarrassed by Sony for slowing GamePass’ expansion. We now know thanks to the press that the Japanese giant is pushing the ban rights and in particular gaming communications. Microsoft clearly isn’t all white either, as we’ve seen similar ban stories with the Epic VS Apple lawsuit.

Tomorrow’s future

The Activision Blizzard and King franchises are massive and focus a lot of games that do very well like Call of Duty. But under Xbox leadership, it’s entirely possible that other licenses could explode in order to boost GamePass. However, exit problems are to be expected. Microsoft has expressed its desire to avoid that its games do not eat each other by leaving every twelve months. A decision very much like a change in company policy. However, it ensures that multiplatform games continue to be released everywhere, but GamePass takes precedence over everything!

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