Angers-Homme: Marseille temporarily takes the lead in Ligue 1... Live the match with us

Angers-Homme: Marseille temporarily takes the lead in Ligue 1… Live the match with us

11:08 pm: There is a lot of reaction from the Marseille family. OM is effectively taking the lead in Ligue 1, provisionally ahead of the other matches of this 9th day of Ligue 1. A narrative place but attesting once again to the very good start to the season for Marseille. In addition, it sent a strong message with this 3-goal win, thanks to Klaus (35), Suarez (50) and Gerson (59) and a new “clean sheet”. A good omen ahead of a very important match on Tuesday against Sporting (6:45pm). Thank you all for watching this match with us and seeing you on Tuesday, live from the Champions League Vélodrome.

11:06 PM : Harry Fokas, assistant to Igor Theodor (suspended): “We are very happy, I want to say congratulations to the players, it is a very good victory. It is difficult to resume work after the break, many of our players were in the international team. It was a difficult match, especially in The first half. They had situations but we managed to score at the right time, and in the second half there was only one team, our team. About Jonathan Klaus: “Yeah, he was very good, he is a very good player, when you play for the French national team it is because you are a good player. He can play on the right or left, which is very good for the club. As for the others, we are very happy. “On the fact that we didn’t concede:” We didn’t concede, we scored 3, we’re very happy with that, so we’re very happy. We are initially until tomorrow, then I don’t know the rest but we want to be as high as possible. We fight for it and take matches one by one. We are preparing for Tuesday. »

10:57 PM : Mattéo Guendouzi on Prime Video microphone: “It’s a very good result, although in the first 15 or 20 minutes we didn’t put in enough power, we didn’t understand the match. Then we put in more power, got more balls back. We were able to stabilize our game to get On this beautiful result. We have a good start in the league, but we have to keep working, because on Tuesday we have a very important Champions League match. We have a good squad, whether it is the players who start or not, everyone is involved and that allows us to Keep winning matches.”

90+2: It’s over, 0-3 for Olympique de Marseille!

89: Fofana parade in front of the Bamba Deng! The Champions League pass from Under or Harriet to serve the striker but Angevin goalkeeper deprives him of a great comeback!

88 : Wahid Bentaleb the great on the young Kabore! But not yellow!

#86: A tense blow from a ronger! The midfielder started getting close to the goal for two years he’s been trying!

84 : Fun shared by Marseille supporters in Angers, who applaud Dieng for Suarez!

83 : Bamba Ding who holds a banner will enter. It would be great to see the young Senegalese again!

Eighty-second: Oulalala the Marseillais is not far from taking one! Doumbia fires a perfect safety but his pointed hand passes Pau Lopez’s post.

81 : Good free kick for Boufal but the polished ball of Morocco flies over it.

75 : Toure replaces Valerdi and Klaus, who is known, is out of Ander on the Marseille side.

74 : Valerdi has injured his ankle and will give up his place. Strong match from the Argentine!

70 : Marseille are now showing serenity after a very complicated start to the match.

67 : Director Sima for Salameh in Angers, Payet and Gerson for Rongier and Harit in OM. Guendouzi will replace Payet a bit higher.

sixty-third : Bentaleb who tries a special payet in the corner … but it is not Payet who wants it.

62 : A letter from a friend whose name I will not name: “I think I love Klaus more than my wife.”

61st place: Kaboré is very close to 4th place! Great recovery from Gerson to the heart of the defense, but the Burkinabe young man does not fix his shot! Unleash Marseille!

Sixty: But what to do from Marseilles! Gerson finishes off a great OM move with Klaus turning Gigot once again. The defender takes himself to Ronaldo with a small heel before returning it to Klaus. The piston is centered for Gerson, which winds a small mesh. A little therapy and 3-0 for OM!

57 : He mistook us for an attempt from afar, which is indicative of Sku’s problems with being really dangerous.

55 : It’s tough on the Angevins who play really well, with nice group sequences. But it lacks precision and influence in the Marseille region.

53 : A great success for Marseille, who did not shoot much on goal!

49th place: Suarez 2-0!!! Huge work from Klaus, who recovered the ball high before rushing forward. It perfectly alters the Colombian who somehow controlled before shooting Fofana.

48 : Very good recovery from Kabori, who is making a good game tonight!

47 : Too bad, Suarez! The hook hit sequence isn’t bad, but it still lacks precision!

XLV: Let’s go back!

9:47pm: The locals went into their game a lot better than Marseille but Jonathan Klaus’s brilliant opener woke up OM! See you in the second half!

45th place: the first half at Raymond Cuban Stadium!

43 : A very good defensive return from Marseille with a counter-attack from Angevin. The goal is to wake them up!

40 : Pau Lopez is in really good shape tonight, and he’s still lying completely flat on Beauval’s low shot!

39 : Gerson ah small Jin Suarez after a good cross from Guendouzi. It is clear that the Marseillais have taken the upper hand since the opening.

XXXVI: Klaus is incredible! The OM piston collapses at the surface inlet with a small step before turning to the left. Minas throws good touches on Fofana’s post before returning. What a left foot from Klaus!

33′: Pvieaux wasn’t far from Angers… Doumbia gets the ball back from Kaboré’s feet but Hono crosses his shot a lot!

32 : Ounahi has just put a veritut in misery at the entrance to the OM deck. Fortunately, Gigot is there for a showdown in the back!

28 : Another Angevin cross, from Valery, from the right side. Lopez folds to reassure his defence.

25 : and disjointed shots of OM. It’s Guendouzi for this!

24 : Well…we’re in the competition for the team that will lack the most control. What a pleasure to find our good old team 1

twenty third : Payet tangles with his brush when he reaches the area, passes a good cross from Kabori with a step but goalkeeper Fofana catches the ball.

22 : Oh no veritut, you have no right to miss that kind of midfield control!

19 : Veritot loses the ball! The ancient Roman is still struggling tonight!

Eighteenth: Bentaleb hits the post! Marseille struggles to get out and lose the ball very quickly.

17 : Well, Payet shot it, Luis Suarez missed his shot from the right.

Fifteenth: The first kick of the match is from Buffal, but Pau Lopez is sleeping peacefully.

fourteenth : A very good cross from Klose’s left, the ball flies to Kaboré but the Burkinabe youngster takes the ball a little far!

eleventh : Gerson who tries to protect the ball with his hind limbs, his classics, but it doesn’t work. Clearly he will have to do more.

VIII : The first corner of the SCO, and this is the second time they pass from the right side. Klaus seems to be struggling a bit on the left, especially technically at the moment.

seventh : Gerson didn’t adjust his passes on the other side for Klaus while OM had a good shot to play. The Brazilian has a lot to prove tonight.

Fifth : The Angevins have an influence on duels, and make a lot of mistakes!

Second : First loss to the Kabori ball, the right piston from OM we’ll be watching tonight!

First: Marseille kicks off!

8:58 pm : Johann Hummel will run this match between Angers and OM.

8:57 PM Come on, the two teams enter the meadow of Raymond Cuban Stadium!

8:54 pm : OM coach Igor Tudor has been suspended for this match due to receiving too many yellow cards. He was replaced by his deputy, Harry Focus!

8:51 pm : Marseille will follow a series of 11 matches, with this match, before the World Cup truce, until November 13! Igor Theodor also complained about this schedule at a press conference.

8:44 pm : The 500 OM fans who made the trip Friday night will pay tribute to Clément, the fanatical member who died on the way back from Angers last season.

8:40 pm And the formation of Olympique de Marseille with Guendouzi in the middle instead of Rongier, Payet and Gerson in support of Suarez.

8:37 pm Here is the 11th starting player for Gerald Battel, SCO coach

8:33 pm : Hey everyone, we’re here together to catch up on the first post-international break match between Angers and OM!

Huuuuum Nice to find a farmers association after a boring international break like rain (as always). And to reboot the machine, we’ll take a short trip to Maine-et-Loire where the Angevins host Olympique de Marseille on Friday evening. After a disastrous start to the season, Gerald Battel’s men fared better after winning twice in a row, against Montpellier and Nice. We’ll see if the truce doesn’t derail them. Because the opposite there is heavy, with Marseille who will be eager to savor the taste of victory after their last draw against Stade Rennes in the Velodrome.

See you at 8:30pm before the match

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