In the barbecue, with a candle, how do you react in case of burning?

In the barbecue, with a candle, how do you react in case of burning?

Bring out your slippers, it’s summer at last. The blessed season of feasts, swimming and appetizers, which will delight the sons of July and then the Augustins (not forgetting the “June” and the “Septembrists”).

A special moment to leave and savor Dolce Vita to the rhythm of barbecues, candlelit evenings or a scooter ride. But between glowing embers, dancing flames, and a boiling exhaust pipe, the dangers of burns lie in an ambush. Consequently, approximately 8,000 people are hospitalized in France each year for burns. Even if it is superficial and not extensive, it can be very painful and requires proper care. Between the good reaction and the forbidden gestures, 20 minutes It gives you the steps to follow.

burning for dummies

There are three types of burns. “In the first degree, when your skin is very red, for example after a major sunburn, dermatologist Dr. Catherine Oliveris Gotti describes. In the event of a burn caused by a heat source, when you take a plate out of the oven or if you touch the barbecue grill, for example example, or an iron plate, this is generally a second-degree burn.The skin lifts, blisters occur and hurt a lot.Finally, there is a deep second-degree burn, continues the dermatologist, which can be performed in the summer, on a motorbike or motorbike, When you wear shorter and lighter clothes, and burn yourself. Your leg against the hot exhaust pipe, the temperature can reach 500 degrees Celsius and fry your skin. Also there are all household accidents of burns from boiling water or oil.”

good reaction

In any case, “the first reaction you should do is to spend at least 15 minutes of burning under cold water (at about 15°C), to prevent the burn from going deeper into the dermis,” describes Dr. Isabel Rousseau, MD, a dermatologist. On the other hand, if it is more extensive, and if it is very important but the person does not feel any pain, one goes to the hospital.”

When the burn is superficial, “red but without blisters, it is treated with a healing cream such as Biafine, Cicalvate, Secapio or Bepanthen,” Dr. Oliveris Gotti recommends. If it is deeper, after passing it under water, dry it gently by patting it gently with a clean cloth, then Apply it to a compress to protect it.If blisters appear, I recommend treating the wound with Ialuset Plus, a silver-based colloidal cream, to avoid infection.Apply in a thick layer covered with a compress and a bandage to keep the wound clean and not exposed to air.We repeat this treatment every day , taking care to clean simply with a physiological serum we will dry by patting gently with pressure. Hence the importance of getting another good reaction by putting these few products in your first aid kit,” emphasizes the dermatologist.

Fortunately, Dr. Russo says, “If there is a small superficial burn, the skin is scarred fairly quickly, within a few days. On the other hand, if it is more extensive, this is very important but one does not feel any pain, or if The wound was healing poorly and seemed to be infected, one consults immediately. ”

The wrong good idea

Apply “butter,” “toothpaste,” “ice,” or even “bleach” to relieve a burn: Between grandma’s remedies, good neighbors’ advice, or our popular online friend’s suggestions, bad ideas for relieving a burn abound. It is better not to trust him. “Above all else, we avoid!, we insist together on Dr. Oliveres-Ghouti and Dr. Rousseaux. The greatest risk of burns is that they become infected. So you should avoid applying greasy or other non-sterile material. Same for bleaching, irritation, which in addition to burning by a heat source that can lead to a chemical burn.” As for ice, it’s a false good idea that risks increasing pain tenfold. “And if blisters do appear, it is important not to puncture them, with the risk of further pain and sterilizing the wound,” says Dr. Oliver-Gotti.

Additionally, if honey is touted for its healing and antibacterial properties, spreading the wound in a jar where you dip a teaspoon of it every morning is not the best reaction. But if you like this natural remedy, instead bet on natural honey, and after seeking advice from a health professional.

Once the wound has healed, “especially in the middle of summer, we don’t expose it to the sun,” Dr. Russo adds. Otherwise, you risk post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, which is an irreversible dark spot. So if you’re in the sun, you’re covering the healed wound under Clothing or a good layer of sunscreen.

happened to them

Every year, once the good weather returns, Hamid and his family adopt their summer habits. “We dine on the candlelit veranda when night falls,” says the father of the family. This is what we did one evening last summer. When I woke up the next day, I saw that a jar candle was burning all night and I wanted to put it out, he recalls. But I exploded so hard, hot wax splattered at the bottom of the pot all over my face and forearm. The pain was – sharp – immediate. Fortunately I was wearing my glasses because they protect my eyes.”

In the aftermath, Hamid “pumped cold water on the burns for at least ten minutes. Then I put Biavin, it seems to me. I was in pain, but I went to work. And the coincidence did things well: a friend came and asked me what was on my face.” “Don’t move, I’m calling my sister-in-law, she has the gift of cutting fire.” He called her in front of me, gave her my first and last name, then took my picture and sent it to her. And she did what she does there on the phone. The pain was still throbbing in my face, and my skin was Bright pink.A few minutes later, I no longer had any painful sensations.After that, my burns did not blister, the wounds healed very quickly, in a few days, I did not leave any traces on the skin. I had heard of fire cutters before, but I did not sure of what to do. You have to live it to take the measure of this gift that works, even if the doctors don’t know how to explain it”

“This is true, asserts Dr. Oliver Gotti. No study has proven the efficacy or mechanism of action of fire extinguishers. But many patient testimonials report their benefits. Moreover, hospitals are calling on them to care for patients who have sustained burns during a home accident or after radiotherapy, or who suffer of herpes zoster. We don’t know if it’s the placebo effect or not, and it doesn’t work for everyone. But if you know one, I don’t see any harm in giving it an injection. After adopting the right gestures first to stop the burn!”

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