Lose 50 kilos by changing these 3 bad habits everyone has!

Lose 50 kilos by changing these 3 bad habits everyone has!

Natalie explains to Express co.uk her click to change her life and embark on weight loss. When she told herself that things should absolutely change, she took charge Her lack of self-confidence. To maintain her health and live peacefully with her children, she began drastic changes in her life. There are several ways weight loss. But this woman just bet 3 habits The result is incredible: 50 kilograms less!

Stop dessert and eat out like Natalie

“I’ve banned sweets and eating them outside,” she says.

Dietitian and nutritionist Natalie Marcher explains in her book “One Month to Free Yourself from Sugar” The dangers of sugar to our health. Just like Natalie, she advises watching our consumption of this food so that we lose kilograms as well.

The problem of overweight and obesity

obesity and overweight They are the visible mid-to-long term effects of unhealthy consumption of sugar or sweets. It is stored in the body In the form of fat and does not allow you to lose pounds.

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industrial products and Ready Meals They contain more and promote weight gain. Sugar is also widely used in the food industry as a preservative or flavor enhancer. Hiding in unexpected products.

Other health problems

Sugar It leads to weight gain and health problems serious like:

  • Type 2 diabetes mellitus with the group of complications it causes: cardiovascular disease, kidney complications, eye disorders, etc.
  • premature aging of cells: lead to the accumulation of free radicals and inflammation of the body.
  • Cardiovascular disease: Increased sugar levels damage the walls of blood vessels. High blood pressure, cholesterol, and triglycerides are also possible.
  • Liver disease: The disproportionate increase in the liver due to excess sugar increases the risk of complications such as cancer and cirrhosis of the liver.
  • Disruption of the intestinal flora: It disrupts the work of fermenting bacteria. In the long run, this excess sugar weakens the entire immune system.
  • Demineralization of the organism. Sugar is an acidifier that favors this purification.
  • Physical weakness and chronic fatigue.
  • Hyperactivity in some people.
  • High risk of cancer. The inflammatory terrain at the origin of sugar excess is a favorable environment for the development of cancer.
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Stop drinking like Natalie to lose her pounds

alcohol is food high calories. So it’s no wonder Natalie quit for her character and is losing the pounds. Not all alcohols have the same sugar content and they also don’t cause the same weight gain.

  • A glass of wine equals 100 calories.
  • A glass of champagne equals 120 calories.
  • A glass of beer equals 140 calories.
  • A cup of whiskey equals 380 calories.

In addition, dehydration caused by alcoholic beverages promotes water retentionThe appearance of cellulite and weight gain. Its consumption also leads to fat accumulation in the living organism.

Be careful with the appetizers or you’ll gain pounds

Sugar, salt and fat in appetizers with the addition of alcohol are a calorie bomb for the body.

Why does alcohol not make alcoholics?

It’s simple: they’re full of alcohol instead of food. He doesn’t really crave snacking, but Cravings to drink.

How to follow a diet so as not to gain weight?

several people They find it difficult to stick to a diet. Often one of the reasons for this is a deep-rooted problem. The dilemma concerns the emotions, memories, and sensations that the food to be banned causes weight gain.

Feed your body and listen to your body

When a person is in a fist Lots of emotional chargingHe tends to swallow certain foods to fill the void. However, most of these foods are high in calories.

However, mind and body do not have the same satiety threshold. It may already be that the body is no longer hungry, but the mind continues to eat. To compensate for fatigueSadness or stress.

To remedy this, it will be necessary to break down these emotional and social influences of food. It should not become comfort, but fair way to feed.

Source: Pexel

Change your diet permanently

To maintain her diet, Natalie found her motive: her children. Like her, to stick to a diet, everyone can also start strong goal in order to bring about change. It’s also about finding a new balance in another way of eating.

Some people will take longer than others to get there. Others will also go gradually. Some will radical change Like emptying candy cupboards.

This is especially the case for people who directly become vegetarians or those who adopt Flexible diet before moving on. The secret is that this will is stronger than the good smell of a buttery croissant.

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