F1 GP de France: Max Verstappen's victory after Leclerc crash, two Mercedes on the podium... Relive the race with us

F1 GP de France: Max Verstappen’s victory after Leclerc crash, two Mercedes on the podium… Relive the race with us

4:36 pm: Max Verstappen takes an additional championship lead with this easy victory from Charles Leclerc and crashes even before the middle of the race. We still see a lot of mistakes on Ferrari’s part. Very good job from Mercedes who managed to put two cars on the podium, the first this year after difficulties at the start of the season. Good performance from Alpine too, with the Alonso 6th and Ocon 8, enough to take fourth place from the manufacturers to McLaren. I’m going to the podium and will post a video shortly afterwards for a debriefing this weekend. Thank you all for spending part of the afternoon with us.

Round 53: victory for Max Verstappen ahead of Hamilton Worsell!

Lap 53: Verstappen’s last lap, quietly 10 minutes ahead of Hamilton!

Lap 52: The Alpine advantage against McLaren, with Alonso finishing sixth and eighth for Ocon sandwiched between the two orange cars.

Lap 51: It’s going to be hot to the end between Russell and Perez!

Lap 51: End of the virtual safety car and George Russell took the opportunity to pass Perez, surprised by the recovery. A big blow from the Mercedes driver!

Lap 50: It’s a virtual safety car that Perez and Russell should take advantage of.

Lap 49: Yellow flag, Zhou stops on the underside of the track!

Lap 49: The battle between Perez and Russell slows both riders down, Sainz may be back even if it seems complicated!

Lap 47: Sainz just passed Alonso fifth, but is now 22 minutes behind Russell. He has 6 laps left to return to the British.

Lap 45: Fastest lap on the track for Sens, already up to seventh.

Lap 44: Russell continued to put pressure on Perez to get two Mercedes cars on the podium.

Lap 43: Sainz goes back to the pits to change his tires. Exit 9, behind Ocon.

Lap 43: A shock between Russell and Perez, who took advantage of overtaking Sainz to return to the Mexican!

Lap 42: Carlos Sainz’s engineer asks him to overtake when he makes a superb pass on Perez. It’s a Ferrari drawing!

Round 42: Charles Leclerc’s reaction to Canal+’s mic: “It’s wrong, so here it is. I’ll check the data to make sure. No, I haven’t calmed down. We’ll do the math at the end of the season, but if we lose 25 or 30, I can only blame myself. The level is very high, but two mistakes at Imola and that’s a lot.”

Lap 39: Sainz is now stuck in Perez’s exhaust. And Ferrari, who is still asking for the Spaniard’s opinion on a possible plan…

Round 37: Gasly gives everything to get to the points, and makes up for his mistake, bypassing Magnussen. He is thirteenth. Haas have absolutely no speed in the race unlike qualifying.

Lap 36: Alonso who also allowed Akon to come back to Ricciardo and Norris, what a genius. McLaren and Alpine are tied in the Constructors’ World Championship with 81 points.

Lap 35: The Sainz who came back like a bullet on Perez with his middle tires…

Lap 32: Little fright for Hamilton who succeeds in straightening his single bench in the south of the Glassworks.

Lap 31: Pierre Gasly’s mistake trying to overtake Albon, Norman drops to 15th. Weekend to forget!

Round 30: Carlos Sainz doubles down on Russell from the outside in banners! Nice maneuver!

Lap 30: Charles Leclerc’s reaction after his crash:

Lap 28: Alonso lets the two McLarens back in to make them ‘eat their rubber’. adore.

Lap 27: Sainz pounces on Russell, the Spaniard should easily overtake him. To know the consequences of punishment…

Lap 26: Sainz takes over his engineer who announces stop-and-go as punishment. “No, it’s a 5-second penalty,” the driver explains to him… There’s always a lot of appreciation at Ferrari, it’s unbelievable!

Lap 25: On the race leader’s side, Verstappen has a comfortable gap with Hamilton by about 3 minutes, on the other hand Briton Perez let go and Russell grabbed him!

Lap 24: Schumacher spins after hitting Zhou who lost his car.

Lap 23: Tsunoda retires after colliding with Okun. Head to head without result Mick Schumacher.

Round 22: And Sainz does a short job for Alonso! is the fifth!

Lap 21: Safety car end, Verstappen now leads this Grand Prix, followed by Hamilton, who is racing in his 300, and then Perez. Russell is still behind the Mexican while Sainz is already sixth!

Lap 20: “Nooooooooooo,” Charles Leclerc shouted on his radio. Fatal mistake for Monaco but his tires look like they are in agony… The new Ferrari?

Lap 19: Everyone takes the opportunity to go to the pits and Sainz was not far from the disaster he wrecked in an Alps when he came out! Ferrari beware!

Lap 18: Leclerc crashes and safety car is deployed. It’s terrible for Monaco!

Round 18: RedBull asks Verstappen to push: “Push, push”

Lap 17: Verstappen pass to the pits for solid tyres. The seventh comes out. Fear of being undermined for Ferrari!

Lap 15: Ocon is eighth at minute 4 of Norris, but still has to stop for an additional 5 seconds on his next stop. Gasly is 14, 4′ from Albon.

Round 14: Sainz has already climbed to 10th on his solid tires. Ferrari is hoping to get the top 6 players, which should be achievable for the Spaniard.

Lap 13: It’s George Russell’s turn to get back to the struggling Perez at Paul Ricard. It’s only 1′ from Mexico.

Lap 12: Leclerc’s engineer presented him with Plan B, inquiring for his opinion. Pirelli is based on a layover between lap 13 and 20 for the media, and we’ll see what Ferrari does.

Lap 11: The gap is more than a second now between Leclerc and Verstappen in the lead, Perez about 3 minutes short of Hamilton.

Round 10: The RedBulls don’t catch up, Verstappen’s rubber and especially Perez seem to be suffering from Leclerc and Hamilton!

Lap 7: Verstappen’s single-seat Leclerc and more seem to be falling back a lot. Tires are expensive in this fight.

Round 6: The Verstappen is on Charles Leclerc now that the DRS has been authorized! The world champion swings between 3 and 7 tenths behind Ferrari. A failed attempt to overtake from the outside in Beausite!

Fifth round: Perez presses Hamilton to regain third place!

Round 5: Note that Sainz, now 14th, Gasly, 16, and Bottas, 17, started on solid tyres.

Round four: 5-second penalty for Ocon after hitting him, it’s not a weekend for the French!

Round 3: Verstappen in the DRS area of ​​Leclerc, less than a second away when Hamilton has already relegated to over 4′.

Lap 2: Tsunoda spins after hitting Ocon. The Frenchman is ninth, but watch out for potential damage…

Round two: Sainz has only won one place, and is 18th, unlike Magnussen who is already 13th!

Round one: Head to the tail of Yuki Tsunoda who stumbled to climb to last after qualifying well!

Round 1: Good start for the first two, Leclerc and Verstappen, Hamilton did the right thing and took Perez’s place!

2:53 pm : I’ll watch the start from the windows of the press room, see you right away.

2:52 pm : Charles Leclerc and Ferrari will be his alone against the Red Bulls of Verstappen and Perez. Former Ferrari driver Jean Alesi believes Scuderia no longer has the right to make mistakes against Red Bull’s “Panzer division”.

2:48 pm : The strategy will be necessary on Sunday afternoon when the track temperature rises to nearly 60 degrees, which will affect tire degradation. Instead, we start with a two-stop strategy, as opposed to one in normal times. You can read this paper about the consequences of heat on machines and pilots:

2:45 pm : Take advantage of this Grand Prix de France which could be the last for a while since the contract with Paul Ricard expired this year. The spectators in attendance, the stands filled with many French flags and an atmosphere of madness as Marseille reverberates!

2:43 pm : Come on, we left to follow this GP of France together. Drivers on the grid, we are in the starting blocks in the press room at Circuit Paul Ricard.

Welcome everyone to this Sunday in July from Circuit Paul Ricard, in Le Castellet, where Lede France will start at 3pm. Charles Leclerc won the pole position on Saturday thanks to a suction from teammate Carlos Sainz. But the Spaniard will not be able to repeat that effort in the race since he started from 19th place after changing the engine. So Monegasque will have to fight alone against the RedBulls of Max Verstappen 2nd, and Sergio Perez, 3rd. With 38 points behind defending champion Charles Leclerc, he can no longer make mistakes.

Strategy will be very important on this Paul Ricard track that exposes 50.1 degrees to the ground, which will have a huge impact on tire degradation. If a single stop strategy appears to be more effective in normal times, many teams should opt for a second stop. But the pit pass lost nearly 30 seconds per stop. On the French side, we hope that Esteban Ocon, who will start from 10th on the grid and especially from Pierre Gasly, will return with great disappointment after qualifying on Saturday, which will start at 14.

See you at around 2:45pm for the French Grand Prix live with us

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